Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Report b/w No Rest For the Weary

Last weekend was one of the most fun weekends I've had in a while. It's so good to hang out with people who really enjoy your company. Going new places and trying new things is a blast as well.

Friday night, I went to a Happy Hour for a friend of mine. I spent the whole night surrounded by some of the most beautiful women that Houston has to offer. Like Cube said, "it was like one of those fly dreams". They came in all sizes, hues, heights, etc. It was like a class reunion for Fine High. It wasn't just their beauty that I liked so much, it was how funny and sweet they all were. They weren't like "oh I'm pretty so worship me". They cracked jokes and just hung cool. I really enjoyed myself.

Saturday was my first golf lesson. I've "played" golf before and I'm not too shabby at miniature golf. However, learning the sport is gonna be a little bit more challenging than I thought. I'm also gonna have to find a hat or visor........I was sweating like a runaway slave caught with a picture of a white lady in his pocket. I digress. The first thing we learned is how to grip the clubs properly. That part is pretty easy. So where did the challenge come in? The swinging for the chipping. Golf, at least chipping, definitely favors southpaws. I went in trying to Barry Bonds the balls only to find out you need finesse. We chipped for a good hour or so. I definitely have to practice on not flipping my wrists or letting my right hand dominate. All in all I had a great time. Can't wait until next Saturday's lesson.

Saturday night I decided to go to the movies with a chick I met. She's not my type (and I believe vice versa) but she's cool people. We went to go see The Goods. I read the reviews beforehand and went into it with very low expectations. It had some very hilarious parts with lulls in between. Without spoiling the movie, I will say I hate those subplots of guy meets girl, guy meets girl's obnoxious/lame boyfriend/husband/cutbuddy/etc, guy spends movie trying to woo girl. I don't how often that works in real life, but I've met chicks with lame mates and not once did they leave said mate for me. Sorry, went off on a tangent. Anywho, I give the movie 2.75 stars. Don't pay full price to go see it but as matinee or dollar show......go for it.

Sunday was church day. The message at church was awesome as usual. Bishop talked about staying in step with the Spirit on our walk with God. He also touched on loving our neighbor as we love ourselves. (Galatians 5) I don't think I've ever had a problem with loving anyone. No matter how you treat me, I'm gonna love you and respect you. However, there is not a nann scripture in the Bible about me having to LIKE you. Didn't sleep well last night because my mind was running at 160 mph. Still trying to get peace in my life about certain situations. It's a long process, but I'm willing to put in the work.

I'm claiming and believing this week to be a wonderful week. Everything that happened last week is over and done. Tomorrow isn't promised. Just focus on the moment and let God's will be done. Peace.

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