Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nice Guys May Finish Last, but They Finish Strongest

"You're so nice". Countless men and women shudder when that phrases comes out of the mouth of someone they're feeling. For the most part, that phrase is the kiss of death. If you're diggin' someone and they tell you over. Being nice is the 21st century equivalent of being a leper.

Back in the day, I hated to be called nice. Not because I'm really mean, but because I never considered myself to be nice. To me, I was always myself. It's always been other people who have pegged me as nice. Nice, in recent terms, means boring, lame, weak, so on and so forth. Glad to say that now I have wisened up and now know that nice is just nice. I won't apologize for my parents raising me to be kind and respectful. I cannot expect people who weren't raised similarly to understand my niceness. I don't go around screaming "I'M NIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCEEEEEE" from the mountaintops. No need. My actions show it.

I'm far from a push over. Timid I am not. Don't let the smooth taste fool you. If I have to buck up to defend myself or my loved ones, I'm there. This does not mean I'm gonna fight some chick in a parking lot because she scuffed my sneakers. That's ignorant. I have a spine and I have never been scared to stand up for myself and/or what I believe in.

I'm patient. I'm extremely laid back........maybe even too laid back. I don't anger easily or often. At times, I do accommodate more than I should. I'm not into playing mind games or any games (not including sports, board games, or video games) for that matter. I honestly care about other people's well being sometimes to the detriment of my own. I always show love and respect, even if I don't get the same amount back. If I sense weakness, I automatically become protective. My first instinct is to give a person a kind word, not dogpile or tease them. I do none of this for props. I do these things because they are a part of me.

There were so many nights I wished and hoped and prayed that I could be a jerk. The anti nice woman movement was going so strong. I realized that just because a few chicks didn't appreciate me and what I'm about, doesn't mean that's the consensus. I'm not gonna change my ways for people who don't or won't accept me for who I am. Screw them! One of these days, they will strongly regret passing me by. Even if they don't regret not linking up with me, they will regret that they disrespected someone who genuinely respected them.

To all my nice guys and ladies out there..........keep being yourself. Don't switch your style up for someone who will probably want a new style two months down the road. Besides that person will do nothing to nurture your kind nature. Instead of coming to your level, they will insist on dragging you down to theirs. Keep living your life. Do not get discouraged when you see "jerks", "players", and the like get a person that you like. Don't get down on yourself. I can say this with great will find someone who wants nothing less than a nice person. Until then stay on course, make sure you always stand up for yourself, and if you buy flowers.......always get the coupon off Yahoo! Peace.

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