Friday, December 30, 2016

Talk Ain't Cheap And Maybe I Said Too Much

What it do, ya'll? I can't believe it's been so long since I've blogged. While your screen may have showed blank, behind the scenes I had been typing and backspacing and typing and backspacing. A lot of stuff has gone down, but your fearless hero always finds a way back to this blog. These are some words about some words...

When you don't properly handle things, don't be surprised when they pop back up. They never pop up when you're equipped to deal with them. It's not that you want anything from them; the intrigue just amplifies the voices that have been in your ear for months asking "are you sure?". And on the other end, it's probably not that deep. Is it nostalgia or a blind spot? Maybe too much free time.

No shame in admitting that you caught a charge from another power line. Just don't get electrocuted, b. It's just talk...right? Years later, it shouldn't be this seamless.  Should have skipped a beat here or there. Ain't no running off into the sunset. It's a break from all the ills that plague. It's refreshing like someone opening a door in a stuffy room. It's just talk...right? That first frothy sip of a brew. Tastes good, but don't have too many. It's just talk...right?

Let's shake hands and let cooler heads prevail. Too many moving pieces this go around. Nobody moves and nobody gets hurt. You're good, I'm good, we're good because it's just talk...right?