Friday, August 27, 2010

Freestyle Friday: Is it Vacay Yet?

* Yesterday was the 5th year anniversary of my locs! Man, I've come a long way like those slim cigarettes from Virginia. I love my hair just as much today as I did when I first started. This heat has made me second guess sometimes, but I'm hanging in there.

* I finally got my baby back on yesterday. #stoked I was a bit tight that they jerked around with my seat, but I think I finally got it back right. It's running like a dream. I pray and believe that nothing else goes wrong and it runs for at least 14 years.

* I really think I've become quite jaded with humanity. Not to say I don't like to get out from time to time, but for the most part, people disappoint and disgust me. I'd rather hang out by myself.

* Speak of disappointed and disgusted.....C really needs to grow up. I'm not gonna play these little games with her. I feel like the tables have turned. She's dancing on her hind legs trying to get any kind of attention from me. It's not my fault that when you lay in bed, I'm all you think about. You had your chance and you blew it. #toughbreak

* Next week is my class reunion. I still feel some kinda way about it, but I'm gonna try and be a champ about this. There is one chick in particular that I definitely want to see what's good with. I'm about 73% sure that she may get down. Gotta see if my 'dar is on point.

* ETHER BOY!!!! I just felt like saying that.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

There's Got to Be a Morning After

At the request of my homie, EssKay, I will now tell the rest of the story about W. Up and up and away. Disclaimer: this entry may be long as heck, but I'll make it as enjoyable as I can.

We left our fearless hero (me) laying in the bed with W. I woke up before she did, but since she had me a in kung-fu grip I couldn't move. A little later I hear a soft groan, it was her waking up. "Good morning" She kisses me on my forehead. I managed to crack a little smile and muster up an answer. One would have thought this interaction would have gone differently. However I did what any normal 18 year old did after "sleeping" with her good friend....I took off. I hopped out of the bed and told W I'd catch her around.

I spent the next few days trying to avoid her as much as possible. If she called, I didn't answer. In class, I'd only talk about class work. If she asked to hang out, I had to wash my hair. I freaked out not because I was gay, but I didn't want to "turn" anyone gay. I felt like W was just confused and my gay self was corrupting her. That sounds weird now, but hey I was 18....I didn't have all the answers yet. Finally enough was enough, W cornered me after class one day and told me we needed to talk. It was an away football game and since my roommate was in the band, my room was the best place to do so.

*knock knock* #gulp I open the door and she walks in. No pleasantries. "Why have you been acting stranger than normal?" #side-eye Not only did she charge me up, she had jokes. My defense was just to deflect and make it seem like she was the one who was buggin'. But it was something about her that wouldn't let me play her out like that. "Umm, I don't want to make you gay" I blurted out. She looked at me and I could sense relief in her eyes. She suggests that we have a seat on the bed. She explains to me that we're both young and no one has to make any kind of declarations on what they are or aren't. She tells me that she likes me, didn't matter whether I was a chick or a dude.

The air was cleared, so there was only one thing left to ask her......"you wanna go get something to eat?" LOL...we went to the cafeteria and had dinner. We come back to my room. She hops on the computer and I turn on the tv and sit down on the bed. I look at her just sitting there and a thought pops in my mind...'you got this cute chick here, are you gonna sack up or not?'. I chose to sack up and do this. "Come here yo"....she laughs and says back playfully "Yo? I'm not one of your little friends, so try again" Take 2. "Would you be so kind as to come here please?" She walks over to the bed and stands in front of me. Before she gets a chance to say anything else, I pull her down and put my lips to hers. I pull away to see her reaction. Stunned but seemingly cool. She leans in and gives me a kiss that made my knees weak.

Erotica is not my calling, so this won't be as graphic as it could be so here goes: We're going at it, making out like crazy. Kissing like that only leads to one thing, so it was time to make it do what it do. I undressed her little by little and kissed her all over her body. One last check to make sure she was cool with whatever that was about to happen. She consented and I took a trip downtown. I figured my best strategy was just to do what I would want done to me and gauge her reactions. Turned out pretty well for the both of us.

W and I kept whatever we had going for about another year or so. She sat me down one day and told me that she met a dude and they were hanging out. No arguments, no tears. We both knew that would happen sooner or later. As time went on, W and I started seeing each other less but there was no bad blood. Folk just were getting busier and really didn't have free time like that. As W and I dwindled away, I was hanging out more with another friend, C......and so it began.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Freestyle Friday: The No Catchy Title Edition

* I really do miss my car. I'm very thankful for a great warranty that hooks me up with a rental whilst I wait. God is truly good.

* I weighed myself the other day. I've lost 10lbs which is less than expected. I was feeling some kinda way about it until my trainer (read: my brother) told me I was doing very well. So I'm more determined than ever. Gotta catch me a baller......LOL.

* My little sis wants to come live with me. Surprisingly, I didn't tell her heck no. I'm actually considering it. I want to wait to see how my financial situations are looking before I say yes or no. I'm doing some serious praying about it. I think it would be a good idea to get her away from the WHA. Nothing for teens to get into but trouble and draws there.

* I am having the worst time finding a decent flight. I may bite the bullet and ask my homie about a buddy pass. However, I know she has folk hitting her up all the time just to get passes, not trying to be like them. Perhaps I'll offer her half of what the fare is going for online. She gets to line her pocket and I get to fly at a discounted rate. Everybody wins!

* I'm hella stoked about this gig I got coming up next month. I'd be a lie if I said I wasn't nervous as all get out. I know that I have to be confident and just go do my thing. I know it's gonna be awesome. Plus I should get plenty of action......chicks dig DJs.

* I got a good life and I'm mad appreciative about it. Yesterday, I heard the chick behind me announce that she only has $43 in her checking account. I'm glad I had on my headphones so she wouldn't have asked me to comment on that. I'm not ballin' out of control (yet) but I'm not hurtin' either. Thanks once again, God.

* Polo time!! I haven't treated myself to any new Polos in at least a month and a half. Time to go cop some new ones. Hope they have some good colors out right now. #yayme

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pullin' a Spike Lee (Repost)

Ever so often I dig in the crates and dust off an old blog post. Today's entry is kind of short, but I think it gets right to the point. Enjoy. Peace

The choice that you loathe to make is always the choice that leaves your heart and mind in a million pieces. The hardest thing and the right thing are usually the same thing. This decision usually leaves you feeling defeated even though somewhere down the line, you'll look back with a smile knowing you did the correct thing.

However, what do you do until that day? Do you continue to sit and watch what you wanted happen to someone else? Do you try to entertain yourself with other things and people in the meantime? I think that would be considered distracting yourself.

What if that day never comes? You made the decision and even 10 years down the road, that sense of satisfaction never gets to you. Did you lose because you still feel the same angst you did before? Or did you win because you know you did the "right" thing?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Freestyle Friday......Worn Out Edition

* My cousin-in-law (if there is such a thing) passed last night. I feel some kinda way about it. Dude hadn't been in the family that long and we weren't BFFs, but the times we did interact were cool. Peace to him.

* No matter how Mitrice Richardson died, it's still on that sheriff's department. First off, they could have just given her a citation for the dine and dash. Secondly, they should have never let a woman wander off in the dead of the night. I hope her family sues the pants off them.

* I got some big plans in the works and I'm hella stoked. Really time for me to put this ambition and ideas to good use. Doesn't hurt to make some paper off it either. I'm shooting to be a multi-billionaire but I could rest easy being a multi-millionaire.

* This week has been way too long. I'm running on fumes mentally. Physically, I feel great working out has given me a lot of energy. Doesn't hurt that this fine chick with a killer bawd works out around the same time I do. Usually she's in longer shorts and a t-shirt, the other day she came in a tank top and some little shorts......I almost fell off the treadmill looking.

* I realized that it's been a minute since I've been on a real date. It's been even longer since I've been on a second date. I know I'm picky, but dang you would think I would have stumbled into a date by now. #shrug

* I'm feeling some kinda way about my upcoming class reunion. I'm trying to believe that at least a couple classmates will be on some chill tip. We shall see.

* God is always in control. I'd rather have Him in my life then try to go at this alone. #madthankful

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Too Much of Anything Can Harm You

Everyday, I read the Huffington Post. I'm not much of a liberal but I find their stories and blogs interesting in their own right. Whilst reading this morning I came across this story and it kinda got to me. It really made me do some thinking about the direction this country is heading.

First off, allow me to thank God for blessing me to not have experience that. I may not live in the lap of luxury (right now), but I got a good roof over my head. Very grateful that I do not have to stand in line for just the opportunity to be put on a list to get subsidized housing.

Who's to blame in all of this? Liberals say the conservatives, conservatives say the liberals. I have gripes with both conservatives (read: Repubs) and liberals (read:Dems). I think they both cause harm in their own special ways. Conservatives make it hard on the middle class and the poor (gonna break it down by class instead of race) by taxing the heck out of them, cutting funding for programs, basically shooting down anything that does not promote "pulling yourself up by your bootstraps".

Don't start kee-keeing yet, liberals. Ya'll are just as bad. This culture of coddling that you guys have fostered can be sickening. Being too easy on someone is just as bad as being too hard on them. Sure, we'll give you daycare vouchers for your kids, assistance to enroll in vocational programs, discounted housing that is sometimes better than what working middle class is living in. You just keep living below this poverty line and all of this is yours. Liberal coddling helps keep the cycle of hopelessness going.

There are a lot of "working poor" people out there. They really don't make any money but they make "too much" to qualify for those previously mentioned programs. That system does not encourage people to even attempt to pull themselves up. I have no problems with hand-ups. A hand-up pulls you off the ground, gets you standing up, and may even help dust you off. A hand-out teaches you how to relinquish any kind of independence. Once that hand stops're out of luck.

To all the hardworking people who are going through, stay up. To all the non-hardworking people, get up. Peace.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tagged......Now 10% Off

I got tagged by homie, AquariusSoul to do this little survey. In the spirit of good fun, let's get it!

1. What inspired you to start a blog and share your style with the world?

I needed an outlet to help me get over this chick. Then it became quasi, mini, minute interwebz phenomenon, so I kept the party going.

2. If you dumped your handbag right this second, what contents would fall out of your makeup bag?

Handbag? Not my style. If I emptied my pockets, my wallet, keys, and chapstick would fall out.

3. Which celebrity do you wish you had on speed dial to call for shopping dates?

Andre' 3000!

4. Favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavor?

I don't fool with Ben and Jerry's and they don't sell Yarnell's here in Tejas, so I choose Marble Slab for ice cream.

5. What are you most looking forward to pulling out of your closet this fall?

Definitely my sweaters....since I've been jacked I'm off pretty much off bowties now. Neckties or ascots for me.

6. Describe your personal style in three words.

Eclectic, eccentric, and awesome

7. What are you currently rocking on your iPod?

I'm not an Apple fangirl......#zunenation here. Right now I'm rocking a bunch of mixes, mine and others.

8. What’s your favorite way to mix high-end items with low-budget pieces?

I'm actually quite the budget shopper. Either I have no concept of what's expensive or I don't spend mad dough on clothes. #stillfly

Monday, August 9, 2010

They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab....

You never really know a song until you read the lyrics. I've bopped my head to Mariah Carey's Honey over a gazillion times. Today, I finally read the lyrics and they inspired me to make this blog entry.

And it's just like honey
When you love comes over me
Oh baby, I got a dependency
Always strung out for another taste of your honey

Sounds innocent and cutesy eh? But let's delve deeper into this. It's well documented that drugs are bad. We all know or know of a druggie who is strung out. Will do any and everything to get another hit. Steal, rob, lie, cheat, whatever it takes to keep getting high. Do we really want to compare love to this? Can we compare love to this? I think we compare untrue "love" to this, but not true love.

We all know someone who will do anything for the sake of "love". We all got a homie who will lie to themselves and us because they say they're in love. We all know someone who is cheating themselves out of a good life (and a good mate) because they're in love. We all know a person who seems to be addicted to mate and 10 times out of 9, that person is bad for them....just like a hit of crack, a line of coke, a syringe of heroin.

Most folk who are strung out on drugs are still chasing that first high. If you're steady chasing a good feeling in a relationship, you're basically taking a piss in the wind. Ask any crackhead, they'll probably tell you with good memory that first hit. Ask them have they found a high better than that first one, they'll probably tell you no. They can tell you about all the lows they've experienced. All the bridges they've burned. All the regrets they have.

Stuff like that always rubs me the wrong way because it makes love to be dependent state. You hear stuff like "he's my everything" "she's my world" "they complete me". #lefail If you make someone your everything, what are you left with when they leave? Be a whole person and you'll be a whole person when they leave you. Even more importantly, you'll be able to say no to drugs. Peace.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's Like 1861 All Over Again (Repost)

I was clearing out my email box and came across a post I did for my homie AquariusSoul's blog. She has since cleaned house and started her blog anew. Lucky for you I still have it and I'm reposting it in 4, 3, 2, 1:

In 1996, Chris Rock did an HBO special called Bring the Pain. Very genius standup, check it out when you get a chance. One of the segments was called Black People vs Niggas. He went on to say that he loves black folks but hates niggas. Well I love lesbians and I loathe lezzies.

There is a civil war brewing in the lesbian community. I'm not sure how long it's been going on, but if things keep on this pace, there's gonna be grenades launched in the streets. There is no neutrality in this war. You have to pick a side and represent. Are you ready? Lesbians vs Lezzies.....#intragenderwarz!

First off, you won't always be able to tell who is a lezzie by the way they dress. They've managed to weasel their way into places like Ann Taylor, Tory Burch, Saks, Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren, etc. There are rare times were you can spot them out by appearance. Mainly look for bad lacefronts, the Nicki Minaj two toned weave, wallet chains, and sagging pants.

A lesbian may have her a symbol of her one true love's name tattooed in a concealable place. A lezzie will have a tattoo for every chick she's been out on a DATE with. Lesbians enjoy tattoos but know that you can't walk into corporate interview with hella tats on your hands, neck, etc. Lezzies won't give a crap because they are so concerned with "keepin' it real" that they will work at a store, fast food joint, warehouse, what have you for the rest of their lives.

A lesbian will go out to a gay club here or there, but mainly they enjoy lounges, art galleries, festivals, theatre. A lezzie knows every hole in the wall lezzie night from here to Lubbock. Their themes include Panties and Polos, Studs N Stilettos, Bras and Brass Knuckles. You get the picture.

A lesbian will look for a mate on places like Lezzies look for lust on downelink. Lesbians have disagreements sometimes in relationships. Lezzies have domestic disputes. It's not a real lezzie dispute until something is broken or the cops come. No worries, lezzies will make up as soon as bail is posted. Lesbians can realize that a relationship isn't working and will break up amicably. Lezzies never break up. Oh they'll say it's over but will reconcile before the commercial break is over. They may not be married, but it's "death til us part". Usually it's emotional death.

A lesbian knows that a good, stable relationship takes time to build. Lezzies chase that new car smell and ends up being having 10 girlfriends in 3 months. A lesbian says "I love you". A lezzie says "but I love her". A lesbian enjoys many hobbies. A lezzies only hobbies are texting and drama. Lesbians enjoy travel to different and diverse places. A lezzies idea of a vacation is going to another city's pride weekend.

A lesbian knows that her sexuality is a minor part of her overall life. A lezzie defines herself by her sexuality. A lesbian understands the complexities and differences of women. A lezzie stays silly stuff like "studs who wear panties aren't a real stud" or "if a femme likes being strapped, she's bisexual".

I could go on and on, but you get the picture. Lezzies are giving lesbians a bad name. It's time to grow up and stop this nonsense. I wouldn't be as disgusted sometimes if I saw 18 and 19 year olds doing this. However, I've run into a lot of lezzies who are late 20s to mid 30s. It's really time to do better. I know that foolery seems fun now, but think about the big picture. Do you want to be 48 year old chick dressed head to toe in rainbow gear getting your eagle on at Splash? Peace.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Two Fish and Four People Walk Into a Bar.....

Many moons ago, I wrote a piece on various people I've dated and their signs. I'm not hella deep into Astrology, but I do enjoy reading about it. I have learned a few things about astrology such as rising signs and moon signs. So I will share somethings about my astrological profile.

My sun sign is Pisces. Your sun sign is based on your birthday. Your sun sign is your individual self. All your hopes, dreams, etc, so on so forth. I don't think all the stuff I read about Pisces are true. I am not indecisive....I don't think I'm indecisive.....well I could be indecisive....LOL. I do believe that I have quite the imagination and I'm intuitive as heck. Oh yeah, it is quite true about Pisces.....we are quite romantic. *turns down the lights* *plays the piano*

My rising sign is Gemini. Your rising sign is based on the constellation that was rising in the east when you were born. Your rising sign is what you appear to people to those who don't know you. In so many words, your rising sign is your mask. Or your clothes. It covers your nakey sun sign soul.

My moon sign is also Gemini. It is the constellation the moon was in when you were born Your moon sign is what you are like emotionally. Also, it is said people whose sun sign is the same as your moon sign have a strange pull on you. Personally, I can attest to the validity of this claim. I was once in love with a Gemini and it was like she had a spell on me.

For those of you at home keeping score, I mostly made up of 3 dual signs. Four people sitting around a fishbowl. Ain't that something? Anywho, by no means am I a guru at this stuff. It's just something fun to think about. Peace

Well what about me, LaconicIcon edit: You can get a free birth chart that tells you all these things and more.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Something New

A while ago, a friend told me that she was shocked that I am not dating a white woman. She told me I seemed like the "type" that only dates white women. Not quite sure what the type entails, but that's neither here nor there.

Now I quasi-jest about gettin' my swirl on, but never made that leap. The homies and I have a good kee-kee about me and white chicks. Fast forward to Friday night. I went to this function at a museum here. Art, music, skinny jeans, etc. For the first time in my life, I really noticed all the white women around me. And I must say there were some beautiful ones there. I even chit and chatted with a few.

I don't mean to speak of white women as if they are some holy grail or something. No pedestal or anything. Just an awakening of sorts. Over the weekend, I've found myself really noticing white chicks when I go out. The same way I've peeped sistas out, I'm giving white chicks a harder look.

I can freely admit that I am very attracted to white women. Not on some "black women ain't shiz" tip. I'm not saying that black women have a monopoly on throwedness. I'm feeling white chicks on some "UN, equal opportunity" type deal.

I guess it's time to stop talking about it and start mackin' on some. I'll keep ya'll posted. Peace.