Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Than Just a Four Letter Word

Love. Easy to say. It's only one syllable, but it packs quite a punch. We all want it. Not all of know how to give it and sometimes don't even know how to receive it. It's just a four letter word. Is it really that hard?

I think of all the people I know who are in relationships/marriages. If I had to count how many I think are good and stable relationships (not including my parents since my mom is deceased), I would say I know 3 people who are in G&S relationships. I've seen these people interact with their mates and I think to myself "hey they actually enjoy being around each other". The rest are just two people playing sadistic games with downtime sprinkled with rare moments of not entertaining thoughts of various felonies. Now they swear up and down that they are in love. They say that love is hard work. Love takes dedication and patience, but it's not that complicated.

Love gets complicated when two people who probably don't like themselves get together for selfish gain. I love you because you screw me when I want. Or I love you when you shut up and take me shopping. I love you as long as you're rubbing me the right way. The minute you stop.......I really can't stand you and will tell you so. That isn't love. Love gets complicated when people treat it like as excuse. "I coulda nailed so-n-so, but I didn't because I love you". Is that really supposed to make me feel good about myself? "I may mess with other people but I always come home to you because I love you." Really? Just stop it.

Love isn't sex. Even dogs have sex. Actually, I think sex is one of the easiest things to "fix" in a relationship. However, we all know a person who is in a relationship that's toxic only because their mate is good in bed. Love isn't being able to spend a whole day together. Congrats! You made it 24 hours without cursing your girlfriend out. Clearly you two are well on your way to matrimonial bliss.

I enjoy seeing people who are in love. One day I will experience that love and it will be reciprocated. I've been hurt countless times, but I've never given up on love. Never will. Did those people who passed on me lose out? I wouldn't say they did. I feel that I will make an awesome girlfriend. They did what they felt was best for them. Can't be bitter over that. Instead of bitter, I decided to be better. I can constantly work on self, so that when that 3%er does come along, I'm ready. I do know that I will not waste my time dating and mating with 97%ers. I'd rather spend my whole life waiting on the right one than to waste my life away with the wrong one(s). I have love from God, love from my family and friends, and love from myself. Not looking for someone to complete me because I'm whole already. Guess thats why I can take my time and find the one instead of finding the one for the moment. Peace.

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