Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Do You Know Where You're Going To?

"I know what I want out of life." "I know who I am." "I'm sure of myself." How many times have you heard someone say one of those phrases? How often do their actions match with these statements?

I am convinced that most people have no convictions. That's why they're all over the map in the things they do and the things they say. I'm always working on self and improving self; however, I know what self I'm working on. I'm comfortable in my own skin.......I actually like......dare I myself. I know what I want, how I plan on getting it, and what can of people I want around in my life.

I find it so sad and disheartening when I run into people who are just blowing in the breeze. They do stuff because the stuff is there and they live in the moment with no regard for the big picture. I'm a very methodical person who stays away from things that are not conducive to my idea of what self is. Does that make me rigid? Do I have tunnel vision? No and no. I'm steadfast to my beliefs, values, and goals. Not spinning around on my aboveitallicopter either.

If you're blowing in the breeze, I really want you to take stock of yourself. The first step of having convictions is knowing what you're about. If you don't know what you're about.....pray and meditate. Be able to know what you expect from yourself and others.......demand that you keep your standards as well as anyone that you allow into your life. If they can't deal with it, so be it. Be warned that people who no sense of direction and no convictions probably won't like you too much. The quickest way to scare someone with no convictions off is to know who you are. It can be a lonely road, but the destination will be awesome. Peace.

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