Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Hope That's Weather Treated Wood

One of the big stories today is about some actress being booted off a SW Airlines flight for kissing her girlfriend. Since I don’t have any visual evidence or eyewitness accounts, I can’t say for certain that this was not the case. However, logic and gut tells me that there’s more to this story that a simple smooch getting two women kicked off a plane.

Recently, teh gheys have been wound up a little tight about certain things. You may be scratching your head saying “b-b-b-but aren’t you a lesbian?” Indeed I am. However, I’m the first to admit that teh gheys get riled up early and often. Does discrimination against gay people exist? It surely does. Is every time something unfavorable happens to a gay person an instance of said discrimination? Nope.

I decided to blog a short list of things that seem to get the collective panties of the gheys in a bunch:

Gay Marriage – Don’t get me wrong. I do want to get officially and legally married someday. In the meantime in between time, I know all the proper legal procedures to take to ensure that my partner and I can take care of each other’s affairs provided one of us dies or becomes incapacitated. There won’t be any 5th cousin thrice removed swooping in to take my empire away from my wife. I think marriage should be available to all, but there are more pressing issues that need to be taken care of at the moment. I.E. job creation, better schools, fairer taxation, the environment, etc.

Perceived discrimination – Have I ever been discriminated against because I’m gay? Probably so. I mean it’s not too hard to pick me out of a lesbian line-up. I fit the “description”. Take the SW Airlines issue. If those chicks were pretty much giving other passengers a free show, then yeah, someone should tell them to tone it down. I think excessive PDA is unnecessary regardless of the orientation of the couple. I’m just trying to get my 100 calorie snack pack and ginger ale and get to my destination. Not trying to see tonsillectomy be performed outside an operating room.

Coming out – I’m out as the days are long. I tried to come out to family and friends but all I got was “umm we’ve been knowing you were gay”. I wanted the dramatic scene with crying and whatnot, but to no avail. Coming out is a hella personal journey that no one can force you to take. You have to do it if/when you’re ready. Some of us have a lot more to lose by coming out than others. I don’t think a person is any less gay if they never come out to family and friends. I don’t condone a person being a closet case homophobe. You have to be out to YOURSELF. You’re not gonna be hiding me under a bed every time you moms comes over or telling me I can’t look you in the eye when we’re out to dinner.

Basically gay people, I’m gonna need you to lighten up. It’s tough enough being gay without nailing yourself to a cross every chance you get. Peace.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Freestyle Friday: Farewell Summer Edition

Ya'll know the routine: I ramble, you read. Everybody wins!

* I finally got baptized this week. I managed to make it 29 years without ever doing so (no braggo). I got a little sad because I wish my mommy could have been there.

* Yeah, tis the first day of a fall. However, in Houston that really doesn't make a difference. I do enjoy fall though especially the Polo collection.

* I was glad to see folk come together about Troy Davis. I didn't like all the "aboveitall" type smarty art ninjas who felt the need to belittle everyone who showed concern. Just because a person isn't on the twitter picket line everyday doesn't mean they're unaware. And even if you were unaware before, the fact that you chose to be aware says a lot.

* I'm a little nervous about the decision I made to become my little sister's legal guardian. The good news is she's a teenager, so I don't have to worry about daycare and the like. The bad news is that she's a teenager, so I do have to worry about boys, drugs, and the like. I'm confident I can do this, I have to do this.

* I believe I finally have the correct second in command. This chick is a hard worker and you can tell she's hungry. She almost makes me feel as if I'm not working hard enough. Still praying and believing that we get this up and running...quickly.

* No low self-esteemo but I'm amazed sometimes at the confidence certain people have in me. Listening to them talk about me to others, I would think I'm the next Peter Lynch or Warren Buffett. I'll claim that.

* I'm a bit uneasy about being intrigued. I'll leave it at that for now.

Happy first day of fall. Peace.

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Parker Brothers Weren't Bout That Life

I know the game. I've played the game. I've been played by the game. I've successfully gamed the game a few times in life. I've schooled people to the game. I've been schooled by the game.

The game stays gaming. The game is zero sum...for every winner someone must lose. Even still, for every one person who walks away from the game, there's 10 more running to the table. The game doesn't care about your feelings. The game doesn't care about your past, not concerned about your present. All the game requires is your presence. As long as you engage, the game pretends to be your friend.

The game doesn't amaze me. Nor does it fascinate or captivate me. Not much I haven't seen from the game because there's nothing new under the sun. The game has tried to reinvent itself. However, if you really know the game, you can see behind the mask.

Like I said, I've been hipped to game. I know some Rhodes Scholars of the game. That was in my younger days. Am I tight that I got gamed? Not at all. Experience is the best teacher. I studied the game, not to avoid it, but to game someone else. Pay it forward right?

The game and I had some good times. I taught the game how to disguise itself. When I met the game, it was rough and unpolished. Don't get me wrong, it was very potent, but it didn't know how to talk to people. It didn't know how to put on that smile and get to sit on the white couch in the sitting room (ya'll Southerners know what I'm talking about). I showed the game how to have a business mind. I upgraded the game.

Sounds like you and the game had a nice arrangement. We did. I got older and wiser and decided the game wasn't for me anymore. I dapped the game up and it understood that where I wanted to be, it couldn't go. I was proud of the game for understanding that our arrangement was purely business. I was even prouder of myself that I could walk away from it. Now, I'm supercool, living a life free of the game and all of its trappings.

Don't get it twisted though, I still know the game well. Frill. Peace.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Freestyle Friday Pt. 4781636

Appears that the blogosphere has been pretty active, so I reckon I'll churn out one as well. You know how this works. I say what's on my dome and ya'll leave the money in the hat by the door.

* Insanity workouts are NO JOKE!! This stuff is kicking my arse, but I think I like it. Masochist much? The exercises aren't over difficult, but it's hella intense.

* If this new team member doesn't work out, I'm going dolo. Putting a staff together was supposed to speed things up, not bring them to a grinding halt.

* I'm enjoying living with the fam and I'm hella grateful for a roof over my head. However, I'm not built for this suburb living. I like being around the action and close to my homies. Even when I get married, I still want to live in the city.

* I need some new sneakers. I need some new t-shirts from Karmaloop. I need some new Polos. Okay, I'll just say I need to go shopping.

* I want to dj a gig. It's been a minute since I gigged and I'm getting the itch.

* I'm so stoked about football season. Really hoping the Razorbacks take a big step forward this year. If the Titans don't win the division, they're more hopeless than I thought.

* I'm intrigued. I'll leave it at that for now.

Until next time.....peace!