Friday, August 7, 2009

Diamond in the Back.......

Just be thankful for what you got. Back when I was younger (27 isn't that old but you get the drift), I had this master plan for what I wanted my life to be. I figured I'd breeze through university (Proud Arkansas alumni......WPS), move to Chicago, work on the CBOT, and have a chick that looks just like pre-crazy Lauryn Hill on my arm. So let's go down the list.....I reckon one out of four ain't bad.

As birthdays passed, I found myself realizing what I should have known all along.......His Will not mine. God's plan for us isn't always what we want, but its always best for us. I regret that I spent so much of my young life trying to tell God "yeah you got a plan, but I think mine is better, let's do this my way". I believe God actually "played" along with me once......he gave me something that I thought I really really wanted. Sounds good right? WRONG! It blew up in my face and I'm still feeling the after effects. Never again I said.

While my life isn't the wealthiest, glamourest, funnest, most exciting life in the world, it's always been the life God intended for me. Instead of getting wrapped up in what I don't have......I praise Him even more for what I do have. I know He didn't bring me this far to just leave me here. My plan may make for a great movie, tv show, etc........but God's plan makes for a great me. Just be thankful. Peace.

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