Friday, August 21, 2009

Freestyle Friday

Decided to come down for a little while and just blog about some random things that have passed through my head over the last few days.

* Usain Bolt is in beast mode on the track. I pray his speed is legit and he's not doping or anything.

* I feel bad for the South African runner who was raked over hot coals in the media. But what can you expect from a country that has "corrective rapes"?

* I'm glad football season is back. I'll be even happier when the regular season starts.

* I was reading a post on a message board about would you date someone with bad credit. I was shocked that more people said they wouldn't date someone with shoddy credit. I would date a chick with bad credit if she was working on fixing it and avoiding that same pitfall. Marriage is a whole nother story.

* I don't see what the big deal is with The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Isn't only 1 or 2 them married? Heard it's pulling in mad ratings for Bravo.........they'll ride this one til the wheels fall off.

* Are there any "black" shows on this upcoming television season? I know The Game got cancelled. Wasn't it like the only one?

* There is something about a cute chick reading a book that just does something to me. Mama I'm In Love With a Thug isn't on the list.

* I'm torn between buying a dining room set or a new tv. Perhaps the money would be better spent elsewhere seeing that I watch tv less than I cook (which isn't too often).

* There's nothing wrong with liking your car and not wanting anything to happen to it. However, if you treat your car like it's the only one in the becomes a magnet for dents, scrapes, and various other dings.

* I have one guy on my Yahoo IM list. It's becoming a real clam fest on there. Where are the dudes?

* I think the post office is my least favorite place to go to in the WORLD! Why they got rid of the stamp machine is beyond me.

* I need to find a restaurant buddy. I like going out trying new places. I'm not above going on my own, it's just cool to have someone there to critique with.

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