Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Can I Hit It For Free?

I tweeted about a topic that I read on a message board. It was about ladies telling the board what they have gotten dudes to pay for. I figured purse or rent would be the most high dollar things on the list. Boy, was I in for a big surprise! A few chicks said they have had dudes buy them cars, not beat up hoopties but new or late model whips. Of course this is the interwebs and people can lie, but I'm sure at least 1 of them was telling the truth.

A wise person once said "he spends you owe" so I'm sure that most (read: 96% of the chicks) had to do SOMETHING to get this stuff. Even if dude didn't hit it, he was certainly setting up the down payment to get teh draws. These chicks took stuff knowing more than likely that was the deal. Am I knocking a chick for taking a couple months of rent? Yeah, if it's not her boyfriend/husband. If ya'll partnered up and you fall on hard times, getting a little help from your dude is okay. If you're taking gifts from some schmuck (yeah dude isn't blameless) just because.......then you might wanna re-evaluate your life.

I have no problem buying a woman something nice to show I care. I will not, however, buy you gifts for your time or set up the account to get the draws. That's straight wack. If you're just trying to hit, just say it. Don't spend all your monies in hopes that the chick gives up the ghost. Tell her from jump during your first phone conversation. If you're feeling romantic, tell her on that first date at Mickey D's. Save your time and money. Peace.

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