Monday, November 2, 2009

36 Trips Right Flex Out On 3.......Hike!

If you don't watch football or are remotely interested in it, that title means nothing to you. It's a condensed version of a football play. A coach will call the play in to the quarterback and he will execute the best he can. No, this blog isn't about football, just setting up the story.

I've always been good at coaching. I can help you win the 'ship with no problem. But when it comes to myself, it's a whole nother story sometimes. You want to land the gal/dude......come holla at me. Being a lesbian gives me ability to see things from both pursuit angles. Makes me an even better coach. I'll give you the plays, watch you run them, and can even give you adjustments for halftime. A nice combination of Vince Lombardi and Hitch.

Now when I'm to take my headset off and go into the game, I'll fumble it at the goal line, throw an interception, or run the wrong route. Everything is easier from the sidelines. You can see that corner coming on the delayed blitz. You know the defensive end is coming around from the blind side. In the game, you're always reacting. You see that safety come up and you audible to another play.......only to find out the safety drops back in a zone and the middle linebacker comes flying in and knocks you out.

Trying to read what someone is doing is tough. It's even harder when they are disguising what they are doing. Perhaps some more hours in film study will do the trick. Or maybe I should stop over analyzing stuff and just play my style. Drop back, throw that rock, and hopes the play will be made. Peace.


Trisha's Daughter said...

i like the window closing analogy best :)

LaconicIcon said...

LOL, only because you don't like foosball.