Friday, October 9, 2009

Freestyle Friday Redux

Today's freestyle Friday will be based off reactions I have had about posts I've read on some message boards this week. My pure, unabashed thoughts about what's been going on teh interwebs. Go!

* Ether did in fact change Jay-Z. Jay's bragging used to be based in cockiness (see: Imaginary Players" to being rooted in insecurity (see anything on Kingdom Come and such). Ether shook Jay to the core. Jigganauts (his stans) ride hard for the dude. Jay got paper.....not mad at him. Doesn't change the fact that as an artist, his music is croutons. Mad stale.

* Dealbreakers are typically just easy outs. The fact that I like to wear Sperry's is really no reason to stop dating me. If you don't like just don't like me. BFD. Now, there are some real dealbreakers out there: you're in prison, you used to be a man, you thought Gigli was good, you're a yellow dog Democrat. Triple demerits if you have all 4 of those.

* Marriage is no longer the goal in dating/relationships. If you hate dating, you're in for a long life. Chances are if you're a black woman, you won't get married. I detest the truth in this statement, but it is what it is *cringe*. Also, the fact that we live in a bail out disposable society...long term relationships are going way of the dinosaur. Chances are you'll be spending more years dating than anniversaries. Don't shoot me.......I'm just the messenger.

* I don't eat everybody's spaghetti. Not because of the old black magic tale about women and spaghetti. I had some spaghetti at a potluck once and when I got home I was looking like Hitch after the shellfish. Too many spaghetti recipes floating around. I gotta know you pretty good to grub down on spaghetti. Don't get tight........its just truth.

* I see no issue in coming in at 6am from the club if you're not married. I don't do the shacking up thing anyway, so she wouldn't know I was out at 6am unless I told her. The issue would come in if I told her in the beginning that I don't do stuff like that. However, if I leave the door open to say "hey sometimes I may wanna stay out all night", what the problem is? There isn't any cheating done at 5:47 am that can't be done at 12:13 pm.

* Women who do not want children are not selfish. If you know you don't wanna bring life into this world or may not wanna deal with........that is fine and dandy. Even if you don't wanna have kids because you don't think it's gonna "snap back", I ain't trippin on it. Nothing wrong if you're focused on your career, wanna jetset around the world, or trying to invent the forward facing Snuggie. Kids are just as stressful as they are rewarding. Don't let society tell you what you're supposed to do or supposed to feel.

* Black women......we gotta do better. We make up a small population of this country and a large population of new HIV cases. I don't completely buy into the "DL boogeyman theory" either. I'm sure it happens but not as much as Oprah and nem make us think. We as women have the final say so on sex. You tell homeboy he's not going in with a jimmy.....he's gonna find one. Better yet.....have a stash of your own. This ain't 1943......protect yourself. Also, taking a dude home from the club and letting him raw dog..........not a good idea. We claim to be so powerful.......use it!

* Say what you want about Raven, but I think she's beautiful. Nothing wrong with a thick chick. Raven, if you're reading........holla back shorty! Keep spending that Disney residuals and rocking your weave. I ain't trippin' over here. I like thick chicks and I love thick chicks with thick wallets. We can do this!

Bonus cut - I have the coolest deliveryman ever. Dude is tatted up, always wearing an ipod, and steady calling me "ma". He even asked was I gonna give him a tip. Yesterday he delivered a package talking bout "what's up big timer". I was like LMAO, breh youse a wild boy. He tells me as he's leaving "be easy ma". I love this guy. If was into dudes like that, I'd put a bid in.

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Trisha's Daughter said...

Since most black women aint ever getting married anyway, you may as well put your bid in for Mr. UPS...if he as cool as you say; I'm sure he will be cool with you and a chick playing house from time to time. LMAO..i kid of