Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cyrano Without the Schnoz b/w Just a Touch

A little known fact about yours truly......I write a little poetry. Not any of that "listen to the words in between the spaces......the spaces......the spaces" slam quasi-deep bootleg Def Poetry Jam stuff. I like heartfelt romantic type stuff. Not "roses are red violets are blue yadda yadda", but real peace poetry about how the heart is feeling. I rarely share my poetry mainly because a lot of it is in my head, but I decided to let one out. Wrote this joint while watching a football game.....go figure. Enjoy.

Just a touch would send me flying
Through outer space into depths I never seen before
Just a touch would be a key to that door
That winds past my heart heading towards my soul
Heating up that place that I once thought was so cold
I know I'm turning off my cool and being a little bold
But just the thought of a touch drives me wild
Heading spinning around, big ass smile like a little child
Who finally got that toy that he dreamed about every night
And every day, every way, I long for that touch it would mean so much
More than the Knicks finally winning that 'ship even the Titans as well
Trying to be in your heaven is giving me hell
It ain't your fault that even my nightmares give me sweet visions of you
Just like it ain't my fault that my blues are divisions of you
From me like Gilligan lost at sea watching the waves crash
Until I climb out of the ocean and run that 40 yard dash
Past my doubts and insecurities until I feel that gentle breeze
That chills me to my core and has me wanting more
Than a call here or there or maybe a text to boot
More than diamonds, gold, fly sneaks, or a bag of loot
Something more precious so simple just a moment
Just a second just a glimpse sweetie we don't have to rush
I'm no Don Juan but there's a spot on your body that if I touch
Will drive you up a wall sending you in orbit until you fall
Into my lap because I'd never let you hit the ground
Even with two feet down you'd still be feeling high
Not remembering how you got there wondering why and how did it start
Come a little closer....close your eyes....exhale....let me touch your heart

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