Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It Ain't Always Gumdrops and Cookie Dough

As people, we always tend to overdo the good and downplay the bad. It's no different when we meet new people that we may be interested in romantically. We'll tell them how much we love drawing butterflies, helping old ladies cross the road, and producing records for washed up singers (I see you Johnny Kemp!). Never do we say anything about the bad stuff. The good old element of surprise. We at Hostile Gospel are all about giving you the real so here are the top 4 bad qualities of yours truly.

1. I am an elitist. Don't get me wrong, I look down on no one. However, I have been known to take a few spins on my aboveitallicopter. I don't believe that my views are always right, but they are always awesome. Yours are okay......just not as dope as mine. The ironic thing about this all is that I am probably one of the most down to earth people you'll ever meet.

2. I'm impatient. They say good things come to those who wait......whatevy. Does that mean I can't see the big picture or partake in instant gratification? No, it just means that typically if I don't get something when I want it......I will become disinterested. I know what I want......you should know too and get on the ball. Time's a wastin'.

3. I'm aloof at times. I tune out. I zone out. It's not that what you're saying isn't important....I just take a break in my own little world sometimes. Perhaps that can be attributed to my shyness. I'm the person in the loud club staring into outer space. Goes back to number 1......my world is better than reality sometimes. LOL, I kid.......or do I?

4. I'm unapologetic. A wise person once told me "never apologize: your friends won't need it and your enemies won't believe it". I refuse to say I'm sorry because I'm successful, being honest, or kicking your arse in Madden, Monopoly, or tiddlywinks. I'm always courteous and respectful. However, if you got a problem with me and how I roll.........TBN. I'm me all day long.......get down or lay down and if you lay down you stay down! I have been called a tool, douche, jerk, and ass quite a few times but only by folk who cannot understand how I tick.

I'm sure after reading this, you're thinking "oh my goodness she's awful". I'm not. I'm the coolest, nicest, most helpful, pleasant person you could ever meet. I'm ride or die for my homies...and I'll even stand up for the little guy if need be. I just won't sit here and act like sunshine and butterscotch comes out of my pores. I know my ish can stink at times. Our bad qualities make us who we are just like our good ones do. A buddy of mine always tells me to "own it".......those four things are all mine. *puts qualities in wagon* Peace.

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Mocitypretty said...

5. You are a complete tool.

I thought you forgot one...no? Hehehe.