Sunday, October 18, 2009

Say Baby What's Your Sign

While I don't buy into astrology 100%, I do find it interesting. I'm not a fan of horoscopes because they are usually vague. I mean really I'm gonna pass by a man wearing pants? You don't say! It must be fate. I do find the sign descriptions to be more spot on. Even though just by reading you'd swear that Pisces are the doormats of the zodiac. I digress.

Upon meeting a woman, I do like to find out what sign she is. I don't put much stock into zodiac compatibility. However, more and more I'm starting to think I should. As I take a look back at the people (dudes included) that I have had reasonable feelings for, they all have one thing in common......their signs are NOT compatible with Pisces (according to different readings). Call it what you want, but maybe the stars know what they are talking about. Disclaimer: my view of these zodiac signs are based on personal experiences........your mileage may vary. Let me start off by setting the scene of a Pisces:

Pisces - Emotional clairvoyant who bounces between quiet calm waters and undertow of treacherous currents. Favorite past times happen to be daydreaming and picking up bad habits from every other zodiac sign. Favorite phrase would be "I just can't decide".

Gemini/Pisces - Neurotic hot head seeks laid back doormat for rounds of sadomasochistic fun. Feelings and honesty will double as bats and stones. Gemini's favorite past time would be jumping to conclusions. Their favorite phrases include "because I want to" and "you hurt my feelings".

Aquarius/Pisces - Unpredictable crapstorm seeks village to destroy. The Aquarius was one of the most eccentric people I ever met. Didn't know who he was from one day to the next. Aquarius' favorite past time would be judging others. Their favorite phrases include "yeah, but at least I'm not *insert anything*" and "yeah whatever".

Aries/Pisces - Chronic sufferer of futnmouf disease seeks unsuspecting nurse to infect. Aries says whatever they want, when they want, how they want, and don't give a crap who gets it. I'm guessing Ram is short for Battering Ram. You can find most Aries shooting first and second, then eventually asking questions to which they will have all the answers. Their favorite phrases include "are you talking to me" and "nah, you can't be talking to me".

All three of these people did have some kind of redeeming qualities about themselves. At some point in time there was something that attracted me to them and kept me attracted to them even afterwards. However, all three signs with Pisces are like oil and water. I dunno I may have to listen to the stars and find me a nice Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, Capricorn, or Pisces to link up with. Peace.

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Trisha's Daughter said...

this is hillarious....I am an aquarius so I guess Im gonna be seeking to destroy some village soon. LOL