Friday, October 2, 2009

A Comedy of Errors

The while back, I received a phone call from a high school chum of mine. I hadn't talked to her in ages and haven't seen her in even longer. We caught up on old times and had a few laughs about fellow classmates. We got into the inevitable "so are you seeing anyone" talk. Since the last time we really saw each other I was "straight", she was taken aback when I said "no, still waiting on the right woman".

Before she had a chance to gasp and clutch her pearls, I told her that I was indeed into chicks. She told me that was cool and that she kinda always knew. *looks into camera* We talked for a little while longer and that was that. At least so I thought. Last night I get another phone call and we're talking again. She said she called because she had heard/thought so many things about teh gheys and just wanted to ask me. Some of the stuff she told me.....all I could do was facepalm.

Myth 1 - You just wake up one morning and POOF! you're gay. I believe that you both choose to be gay and are born gay. Meaning I have probably always had these feelings in me but I chose to act on them. Nothing I did or didn't do made me like chicks. I could have went on with my life being a miserable, latent homo. I decided not to.

Myth 2 - Gay people are attracted to every person of the same sex. So, so, so false. If I had a dime for everytime someone I know comes up to me with "I have a friend/niece/aunt/cousin I want you to meet.......she's're would work", I'd be rich. Sounds good in theory.......doesn't really work in real life. I have tastes, preferences, dislikes, and likes just as any straight person.

Myth 3 - Gay people go after straight people early and often. I know some chicks who hunt straight women for sport. Not I. I'm not a vampire who is obsessed with getting some blood of a stradie. I have dealt with straight women but not on some "I Kissed a Girl and I Likeded It" but actually on a "I'm not gay, but I really like you" tip. If a straight woman is feeling me and the feeling is mutual, I'm gonna see what's up. If a straight woman is just trying to get her rocks off and have an "experience", kick rocks. So breathe easy stradies......ya'll are not being targeted.

Myth 4 - Gay people wear their sexuality like a badge. On first meeting me, I'm not gonna shake your hand and throw it "by the way.......I'm gaaaaaaaayyyyyyy". There are 37897138 different things I could say about myself before I even mention my sexuality. What I like is really none of the world's business. I don't feel the need to go around broadcasting it like the 6 o'clock news. The stance I take on my sexuality is "I don't reveal and I don't hide".

Myth 5 - In a gay relationship, one person is the "girl" and the other person is the "guy". This one I really don't like because why would gay people model their relationships after heterosexual relationships? When people say this I know what they're person is dominant and one person is submissive. They way I prefer my relationships to go is let dominance be fluid. There will be some things I take the lead on and there will be some things I take the passengers side on. Some nights I wanna hold......others I want to be held.

Long story short, there are a lot of misconceptions about gay people. I have hopes, dreams, failures, insecurities, accomplishments, accolades, etc just like any straight person. I don't allow myself to be defined by who I want to share my life with. I find that the people who shouldn't care about gay people care more than they should. In the same breath I'd like to say, I do appreciate people who are willing to ask than to walk around assuming. Truth be told, being gay really isn't that big of a deal. Peace.

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Mocitypretty said...

I have a question. Can I catch the gay from you? Is there a vaccine? Hehehehe.