Friday, February 25, 2011

Solid Gold: LI's Greatest Hits (Or Misses)

I'm hella appreciative to all ya'll out there who peep out my blog. In the beginning, traffic was light but I can tell now that more folk are checking out the blog. I get DMs, FB messages, etc telling me how someone enjoyed a blog posting. I figured today would be a good day to drop what I like to think of as my greatest hits.

1. Say Baby What's Your Sign - In this blog, I regale the world with tales of my bad experiences with certain astrological signs.

2. It Ain't Always Gumdrops and Cookie Dough - As hard as it is to believe, LI ain't all good.

3. Snakes On My Plane - Some kats just can't resist Awlladis.

4. It's Not Me....It's You - I go boho and drop a little poetry for ya'll. *lights incense* *snaps fingers*

5. There's Got to Be a Morning After - I channel my inner Biggie Smalls and tell ya'll a fairly personal story.

6. Wind Beneath My Wings - Are your friends really just your friends?

Blogging is hella therapeutic to me. I enjoy doing it even if no one read it. However, I love the love that I get. So to all my viewers, lurkers, commenters......thanks! Catch you on volume 2. Peace.

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