Wednesday, February 23, 2011

29 Thought Salute Part 1

As I rapidly approach another birthday (for which I'm extremely grateful), I think back on some lessons I've come across on the way to this point. This by no means a definitive list, just 29 for 29.

1. Trust in God, always. No matter how hard things may seem, it's much better to trust Him than to trust man.

2. Just because you had bad experiences at other churches, doesn't mean all churches are bad.

3. Tithe on your gross, not your net.

4. Everybody lies. If someone tells you they'll never lie to you, they're lying. We all will tell lies whether it be by omission or commission. We either omit the truth or commit to not telling the truth.

5. Never go anywhere broke. If you don't have the money, stay at home.

6. If you're diggin' someone, let them know. No matter how obvious you are with it, don't assume folk can read your mind.

7. A chick can hurt you in ways a dude could never dream about. Chicks know what buttons to push and how to push them for maximum damage.

8. Never fight for love. Either it ain't or it is.

9. When you finally get to have sex with someone you've wanting for a while, use ALL your tricks that night. You may not come up to bat again. Chicks will put you in the friend zone with the quickness, if you're headed there may as well go there with a BOOM!

10. Never believe someone who brags about how they put it down errtime. We've all turned in some bad to average performances.

11. Having your own place (no roommates) is one of the best things.....EVER!

12. Normal is not something to strive for. We're all a bit throwed whether it be by uniqueness or crazyness.

13. It's only corny if she's not feeling you.

14. Always give a side-eye to folk who harp on how straight they are as well as those who harp on how gay they are.

I'll unveil the last 15 on that glorious day of my birth. Peace.

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