Friday, February 11, 2011

Freestyle Friday: Sign The Papers Edition

* Tomorrow, my hubby is moving out. He fought it and lost.....papers have been signed. I still got love for him cause he's my dude, but he wore me so low. I'm sure it's more of me and my inability to have folk in my space; however, incessant rambling and the like doesn't do it for me. I hope he gets out on his own, walks tall, and finds his truth. I wish him well.

* I really want this to be the last cold snap of the season. I don't do well with cold weather. Snow and ice are pretty to look at, but since Houston drivers struggle with dry pavement, I'd rather skip it. Don't get me started on the wind chill. I'm ready for spring.

* Less than a month to my birthday and for once I'm not in a funk about it. I'm looking forward to my birthday. I have no clue of what I'm gonna do for it, so that's a whole nother issue in itself.

* I don't have an official valentine, so I want to do something nice for all the special women folk in my life. Not sure what it may be yet, but it will be something to let them know how much they mean to me.

* I've told him frequently, but I'm very proud of my brother. He's made some steps in his life that really shows how much he has matured. I can only imagine the huge smile my mother has in Heaven looking down on her son. I love that kat so much, couldn't ask for a better big brother.

* The Knicks are playing some pretty awful ball as of late. I dunno if it's the trade rumors, but something is eating this team. I know they are better than this. I want D'Antoni fired though.

* Yesterday, I got news that this woman I knew (of) back home was shot and killed by her boyfriend. It kinda took me aback, immediately I put C in my prayer. I know no woman thinks this will happen to her, but it happens. It was weird because I hadn't thought about her in a while. All I will do is continue to pray for her.

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