Monday, February 14, 2011

Who's In Charge of This Slipshod Operation?

I've always prided myself in being a thinker. Actually, I'd consider myself an overthinker. Maybe because I concern myself with the big picture. I rarely let my heart make any kind of decisions in my life. I used to. Now I don't. Maybe I don't trust my heart.

I felt like I let my heart take the lead once and it screwed me royally. I think my heart deserves another chance, but my brain has turned my body into a dictatorship. My brain won't even let my heart put a sheet of paper in the suggestion box. My brain runs a tight ship. No country for letting my heart get my body all wrapped up in emotions and throwing caution to the wind. My brain stays the course.

What is the course though? What if my brain is actually the coward? What if my brain is covering its fear with this huge bravado? Maybe brain and ego are in cahoots. Brain doesn't want to see ego get bruised. So is ego actually the one calling shots here? Wait a sec, lemme have a seat. So all this time, brain thought it was protecting me but in actuality ego is the muscle? Hmm, that changes everything.

Poor heart, even if it snuck past my brain, it would still fall victim to my ego. Peace.

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