Wednesday, March 2, 2011

29 Thought Salute Part Deux

As promised, I am finishing up the last 15 lessons/thoughts/wise words. Before I get started, I just wanna thank God for another year. Some folk don't ever get to see 29, so just for that alone, I'm grateful.

15. Unless the service was just completely and utterly awful, always leave a tip.

16. Even if it's just up the road, go out of town at least once a year.

17. If all your friends don't like your mate, you may wanna reconsider that relationship.

18. Don't ever start something in the beginning of a relationship that you can't keep up with.

19. Never be afraid of being alone. If your friends don't wanna catch a movie, go out to eat, etc, go by yourself. If you're good company, you'll have a blast. #tapsforehead

20. Don't be afraid to do something out of "character". People will pigeonhole you with the quickness. Show them that you aren't what they expect you to be sometimes.

21. Always see the big picture. That means you should always be thinking 3 steps and one lookback ahead of the rest.

22. Be a great listener. The biggest key to being a great listener is listening to what folk DON'T say.

23. There is no such thing as leagues. The prettiest women are usually the least hit on because almost everyone thinks she wouldn't be into them.

24. If someone asks you for money, ask them is it a gift or a loan. If it's a gift, give and KIM. If it's a loan, hound them til they pay you back a la a bill collector.

25. Ain't a thing wrong with going to therapy. If you can't handle life at the moment, go get some help.

26. Two people that complain about gold diggers: those who can't get anyone to spend money like that and those who can't afford them.

27. There is nothing wrong with financing a purchase if you get a great no interest rate. Credit is not a bad thing, people who overextend and/or can't manage it is.

28. Arrogance based in confidence is cool. Arrogance based in insecurity is not.

29. No country for taking plays off. Go hard or go home!

There you have it folks, 29 things I've picked up in 29 years of living. Pass it on, live by them, send me a check. Peace!

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K. said...

Feliz burfday, once again, homes!

Re: #24, I go with the broke and the cliched on that one - If you can't afford to gift it, don't loan it.