Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Sunday Night Throwback: It's Not Me....It's You

Just going through some old stuff I wrote. Thought I'd share it with the world. Wrote this piece about a year or so ago. Enjoy. Peace.

Who knew by the time I checked in you checked out
It was clear to me but now you had doubts
You wanted to leave; I wanted to stay
But hey
You can’t win them all so they say
You uttered “I want someone to complete me”
Sweetie I was whole when you met me
Through the hurt I was the same way when you left me
I bounce between infuriation and infatuation
Adulation and aggravation
I would have moved heaven and earth to woo you
Now I would do the same to get through to you

I’ll stop with the mushy stuff to make it clear
This ain’t a love poem my dear
Under that beautiful skin lays a bruised and battered soul
Behind those big brown eyes are lies ready to be told
Through those deep kisses and warm embrace
Is a person who is not ready to face
The kind of a love gives so freely
Baby you don’t know yourself so how could you read me
Or the selflessness that true love can see
You hustling backwards words don’t speak louder than actions
Took awhile but it’s no longer muddled
You’re selfish, broken, and bout deep as a puddle
You said you if I loved you love would make me free
But whilst I was loving you………..who was loving me?

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