Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Talents Have Returned to the H

Let me start off by saying that I am beat.....I'm talking straight exhausted. I don't think I was doing that much over the weekend, but still. Maybe it was the 2 hour flight delay last night.....#shrug.

First the family stuff: My little niece has become my shadow. I think it's kinda cute. One afternoon I had fallen asleep because my head was on straight thump. I just laid on top of the covers. I was half asleep and saw a little person put some covers on me, it was my niece. Such a sweet little girl.

I went to put some flowers on my moms' grave. Usually I can keep it together when I go out there, but not this time. I straight lost my stuff as soon as I put the flowers out. I don't think I ever cried that quickly and that hard ever in life. I didn't want my pops to hear me crying because I didn't want to make him sad. I managed to pull it back together thanks to my little sis.

Now onto the other stuff. I will say that I'm officially NO longer a part of the class of 2000. How you gonna call me when I'm at the airport to say the reunion is canceled (again)? How can you not come up with $50? I know that I'm extremely blessed and can afford most things I want, but still. All the weed and liquor some of these folk go thru and you can't scrounge up a fiddy spot? Whatevy. Don't call me in 2015 because at 33 I will NOT hesitate to tell them where and how to get off.

Overall, it was a good trip. Got a chance to get away from Houston for a while. Recharge my battery. My visit did make one thing crystal clear to me: I'm glad I don't have any children. I'm sure they're a blessing and all that good stuff, but I'm way too something to have any seeds of my own. Wrap it up, kids! Peace.

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