Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Eff You and Eff Her Too (3285 Days of C Pt 3)

"You had a rough break up and I want to help you find someone to take your mind off things." I spring that on C one day after work. I suggest we look on Yahoo Personals (back before it was a complete cesspool) and find her someone to go out with. I help her create a profile and suggest profiles that she should contact. She starts corresponding with this chick. Seems like a good match, into some of the same stuff, work in the same field. They decide to go on a date. I do everything but drop her off and give her $20 to have a good time. I watch her leave, head to the couch with my drink, and chill out.

I figure they'll go out a few times. C will realize that I am in fact as dope as I say I am and this whole ordeal will be over. Before I go any further, I want to say that while all this was going on with C and this new chick, I was still getting mine in. Don't want ya'll to think I spent every night pining away for C. #andbreak! Anywho, I was wrong in my calculations. C and the chick became a couple much to my chagrin.

The first few times I hung out with C and her new gal, let's call her Pip from here on out, were decent. Anyone who knew C and I, always would say that we interact like two people who are on a planet by themselves. It's always been like that. We'll sit and kee-kee like no one else is around even if we were in a crowd of folk. Apparently that didn't go over well with Pip. I became Public Enemy Number 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 (thanks Diddy). I thought C's first girlfriend hated me, Pip's hatred for me was 10x more intense. I guess I couldn't blame her. If my girlfriend talked to her friend all times of day and night, called her when she needed something instead of me, and just general too-muchness, I'd probably be a bit tight too.

During the relationship, I never felt disconnected from C. I saw her almost any time I wanted. We went out almost any time I wanted it. Even though Pip couldn't stand me, I remember times going over to her house while she was work to chill and watch movies with C. Then there was that Thanksgiving I went over to her house and C fixed me a plate on her good dishes. Mad foul I know. When they broke up or had an issue, I was always there to let her come chill or stay. Basically, I was her emotional standby girlfriend. Their relationship ended up being abusive. After a very ugly incident on Super Bowl Sunday, C and Pip broke up.

After the breakup, I let C come back to my place and stay for a while. I knew she was in a bad spot emotionally, so I did nothing unfriend like. I slept on the couch, no touchy-feely stuff, basically I gave her the space to feel whatever it she felt. I started seeing less of C and I figured out that she was back messing with Pip again. I went in on her and told her that she's not gonna be satisfied until Pip kills her. I told her that she's not gonna treat my apartment like its a storage unit. I wasn't trying to kick her out, but that's what happened.

I figured she would move back in with Pip, but she got her own spot. We didn't talk for a little while; that falling out that intense. I decided to be the bigger person and call her up one day. I didn't think that phone call would end with an invite to come over and see her new place. She let me know that she finally broke it off with Pip. We chilled out all that afternoon watching movies. It was just her and me again......just like the good ol days.

After Pip was finally gone from her life, she and I started to get close again. It was starting to feel like senior year of university all over again. I felt like we had turned that proverbial corner. I was ready to forget all the ups and downs that we've been through. Everything was going well until......."I have a date". #FOH Me: "that's cool, do what you do". She went on a few dates with, let's call her MB, but said she wasn't feeling the chick and they were just cool. The more she told me about MB, the more I realized that even if the feeling wasn't mutual MB fancied C. I informed C of this, but she dismissed it.

Fast forward a few weeks, I get a phone call at around midnight. It's C on the other end. "Hey, you wanna come over and go swimming?" I'm like at this time of night? #ohsnap It's about to go down. Tonight is the night like Betty Wright. Hells yeah I wanna come swimming. I want to swim for as long as she'd let me. I get over there in record time and we head to the pool. We're just floating, drinking, chillin' out. I'm semi-buzzed and horny as hell so you know I'm feeling really randy about now. About 30 minutes later, MB shows up. I don't pay it any mind because C has told me several times that ain't nothing going on with that. I'm all up on C, rubbing, touching, frisking, everything. I float around to the other side of the pool...swim back and I peep MB rubbing C's neck. Me being more buzzed than I was earlier calls her out on that on the the low. She talking bout "oh she's just friendly like that".

A couple hours pass and I guess MB figured out that I wasn't leaving, so she should skidaddle. As we're walking back, C flips on me. Talking about she didn't like how we treated her like a piece of meat. Telling me how I shouldn't have acted like that. How she and I are just friends and that I should get over it. Basically, talking real reckless. Enough is enough. I go ham on her. I tell her that her friend shouldn't have tried to flex on me. "Your feelings are collateral damage to me, I don't give a flip how you feel. Here I am trying to be all chivalrous. You let everyone else hit it, why shouldn't I?" Damn that felt good, I thought to myself. C was furious. Picture the cartoon characters with smoke coming out of their ears. That's exactly how C looked. She stammered and stuttered but no words come out. So what does she do? She pushes me. I stumble a back a little bit, more from the drinks I had than C's brute strength. I laughed which only made C even madder. Told her peace out and went home.

That is the last face to face interaction I've had with C in about a year. I figured by now, this "beef" would have been squashed, but it's not. MB and C are a couple now and they live together. C will probably never be woman enough to be honest about what happened between us. It's easier for her to say that I'm obsessed with her or that I made the whole thing up straight St. Elsewhere style. Do I think I've seen the last of C? Not hardly. So stay tuned....I'm sure part 4 will be sooner than you imagine. Peace.

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