Thursday, September 16, 2010

Freestyle Friday: One Day Early Edition

* I'm hella stoked about my homie's wedding this weekend. I'm so happy for her and her dude. Seems like they went about it the right way, together for 5 years, engaged for 1, no babies out of wedlock. After Saturday, the cheese stands alone. I will be the only out of my high school homies crew who isn't married and/or has child(ren).

* Piggybacking off #1....I think I'm backwards on the whole matrimony thing. Yeah, I want to get married but I really don't want to do the wedding thing. Maybe I'll just parachute in, say my "I do", slob her down, take off on my Ducati , and see her after she gets done with the reception. Streamlining is the way to go.

* I shoulda worked out double time this weekend. I know I'm gonna be eating like a straight clown this weekend. I will try not put on the full clown suit with makeup though.

* I love Man v Food. One of my favorite television programs. My dream in life is to meet a chick who isn't wide as all outside that can eat 20 wings in 10 minutes. I love a woman with an appetitie....tres' sexy. You can sit there and eat that half of a salad if you want....pass me that steak.

* I have taken a temporary leave from being the voice of reason. I have become weary from trying dissuade "grown folks" from making stupid choices. Now when someone approaches me with a bonehead idea, I am fully on board. Probably to the point where they think I'm patronizing them. So you want to propose to the chick you've only known 3 weeks? Let's do it! What time do you want to go to Tiffany and Co to pick out a ring?

* I can't stop watching Cee Lo's "Eff You". Dude is a musical genius, for real. I'm sure that song is lot of folks ringtone.

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