Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Freestyle Friday: The Wednesday Edition

I'm pretty sure that I won't be around a computer long enough to churn out any blog entries over the weekend. Ergo, I'm moving Freestyle Friday up a couple days. All the usual FF goodness in a creamy Hump Day covering.....#heh.

* I absolutely LOVE Market Pantry cheddar rice snacks. I'm sure I could eat those morning, noon, and night if I could.

* I hate packing clothes. Even if I took half my closet on a trip, I'd still feel some kinda way about my outfit choices. I dress according to my the heck am I supposed to know how I'm gonna feel Saturday when it's only Wednesday? I'm such a Pisces.

* I do not like flying....AT ALL. I have been praying that I get over this feeling. God is the same on the ground, in the sky, under water, where ever. I probably won't ever love flying, but if I can get somewhere near like I'd be good.

* Straight women who are open minded are awesome. I don't mean open minded as in curious, but open minded as in wanting to have non-judgmental fun conversations about teh ghey. I always like when they want to know whether or not they give off gay. It's cute.

* I think I may be on the verge of getting something I've wanted for a minute. I do want it, but some circumstances around it needs to change. I'm no longer in that "soon as she buy that wine I just creep up from behind" business. If I'm gonna do this, I'd like for it to be legit as possible.

* I've never been one of those people to cringe when "their kind" does something ridiculous. Last night I winced watching Brandi on the Bad Girls Club basically try to sexually assault the chick in the house. Lesbians already get a bad rap as these aggressive straight women headhunters as it is.

* Lastly, I know it's the WHA but I'm gonna try to have a good time. Can't wait to see my folk and my babies (heck they're almost tall as me, but still my babies).

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