Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You Can't Get Nobody Being You!

Chris Rock is my favorite comedian. I love that kat. I find his standup to be hilarious because it's true. He did a segment on his second HBO standup, Bigger and Blacker, on how hard it is to stay in a relationship. It's hard to keep up the lies that were told in the beginning.

I believe he was right. When you first meet someone, you don't meet them, you meet their representative. The person that comes off as "normal" and "well adjusted". You can't find anyone acting the way you act. To an extent, we all modify our behaviors or keep certain things on the low in the beginning. I'm all about keeping it funky, so I admit that I have done it.

I consider myself a bit eccentric, eclectic, and usually on another plane than most. I like a lot of stuff that isn't mainstream. My political views are not in line with most 20 somethings. Once people get to know me, my uniqueness is just a piece of what makes me so awesome. However, on first dates, my uniqueness is what makes me so.....weird. Usually on a first date, I'm put off by something the chick said and she's probably put off my elitist eccentricity.

This begs the question: should you censor what you say on a date? I know there are topics that should be off limits: politics, relationships, and religion. Do you not tell a person that you know all the words to Frank and Nancy Sinatra's "Something Stupid"? Do you avoid telling a person that you just bought a kilt? Can you actually tell a person that in this day and age there is so such thing as privacy? What about how buying a home can be a terrible investment?

I know the peanut gallery will say "no, you can be yourself from jump street and have much success". Sorry to say it, but no you cannot. Am I saying you have to lie? No! If someone asks you if you think man really landed on the moon and you believe that it was taped in a studio in LA, be honest. If they don't ask you.....don't offer it. Slowly introduce all that off-beat stuff. Let him/her walk in on your smack dab in the middle of a World of Warcaft marathon. Don't share that over first date cheesecake. If you do, there will not be a second date 98% of the time. Peace.

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