Friday, January 8, 2010

Freestyle Friday Volume 497283

You know the drill. Just whatever's on my mind. Let's go!

* Right now, I'm kinda stuck between doing what is "right" and going for mine. The whole situation is crazy but amazing. I think if I don't do something soon then I may as well kiss it goodbye. I'm usually a pretty level-headed person. If I'm thinking about taking a chance, then it must be something. I know I've made some bonehead mistakes back in the day, but I truly have changed and learned the lesson.

* Going to see my Knicks play tomorrow night. They've been putting in work. I really hope they don't lay an egg. Rockets fans are easier to deal with than Texans fans. I will say that.

* I keep having this suspicion that C is gonna call me or I'll run into her somewhere. I wouldn't know the second thing to say to her. I feel some kinda way about her now. Even if we were to talk again, it would take a lot of time to repair things. Would I even be willing to put in that kind of work?

* I hate cold weather yo. This morning it was 20 something degrees outside. I'm sure that is nothing to people in Chicago, NYC, and the like. But to me.....that's cold as the fock and I'm not feeling it. Folk talking about it's good cuddle up weather. Cuddle deez.

* I'm slowly getting over Twitter. It was cool at first, but now its meh. Same thing for Facebook. I don't think social networks work too well for asocial people.

* I found out a dude that I used to like waaaay back in the day is now a minister. Good for him. He keeps asking my bro about him. Perhaps I'll hit him up on FB. *shrugs*

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