Monday, January 25, 2010

L.I. At the Movies: The Book of Eli

I'm gonna say this off top.....this movie starts very slowly. If you have ADD, I recommend you not go see this or go get refreshments until about 25 minutes in. Just a quick forewarning. I'm gonna give you a quick rundown before I give my thoughts.

The movie is set in post-apocalyptic times some 30 years after "the flash". Eli, whose name we don't learn until late in the movie, is heading westward after being instructed by a voice. He is carrying this powerful book that can make people do whatever it says (sound familiar?) The country is in ruins. Water is scarce. Hijackers roam the land pillaging and killing people for whatever they have. Eli is a survivalist who speaks softly and carries a big gun, knife, crossbow, etc.

On his search for water, he ends up in a town that is doing pretty "well". Long story short, the town's owner realizes Eli is a literate man and wants Eli to work for him. The owner offers Eli food and lounging and "entertainment" from Mila Kunis *gaaahh*. Owner finds out that Eli has "the book" and all hell breaks loose. That's as far as I'll go because I don't want to ruin it for you.

I thought the Hughes Brothers did a wonderful job with this movie. I was almost shocked to find out this was their project. The cinematography is magnificent....I haven't seen a movie this beautiful since Belly. Denzel is still finer than a mofo......I'm a lezzie...not blind. Mila Kunis....such a gorgeous woman.....Home Alone ain't hittin' that right.......hey I am a lezzie.

The movie really make me think. The message I got from it is how wasteful we are and how we take things for granted. These people were killing for water, soap, batteries....things that we throw away or run through without second thought. Really made me think of how flippant we are about things and how we believe that there is an endless stream of "stuff".

I love the Bible and I read it a few times a week. However, we cannot deny the fact that the Bible has been used throughout history to promote all kinds of agendas. In Eli's hands, the book was used to for good, for survival. The town owner only wanted it so that he could control the people and expand his territory. I gathered that in the right hands, the Bible is a tool. In the wrong hands, it becomes a dangerous mind controlling weapon.

The Book of Eli will probably be one of Denzel's lowest grossing flicks. Doesn't help that it's directed by a couple brothers *shrugs*. I believe its the first must-see movie of the year. It's thought provoking and is a sure conversation starter. I give it 4 mics.....go see it. Peace.

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