Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You Gots To Chill

Day in and day out, we are tested. Things happen. Things don't happen. People show out. Basically, almost every minute of the day we are at risk of getting angry, disappointed, frustrated, bummed out, and let down. That's life.

As I get older, I realize more and more that life is full of uncertainty and 10 times out of 9 people will take the fork in the road and lose you every time. I'm learning that sweating things will not make them any different. You can stay up all night worrying or pissed and only thing that will change is the time on the clock. You can let your work, mate, children, etc stress you out and give you an ulcer. I guarantee all those people will sleep like a baby whilst you toss and turn.

Take your hand and put it in front of your mouth. Breathe on it. Psalm 39:5 says our lives are a mere breath. No matter how long you can blow a breath out doesn't matter, it's still a mere breath. Our years can be long but life is still short. A thousand years is just one day to God. You're praying on Monday and wanting results on Monday evening. You gots to chill.

Long story short....RELAX! Nothing in your life is really under your control. Stop bending yourself out of shape. Let go and let God. If you're gonna worry, don't pray and if you're gonna pray, don't worry. Just chill. Peace.

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Anonymous said...

this was a great post. very introspective for me.