Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Littlest Braveheart

Anyone who knows me knows that I love my babies (little sister and nieces and nephews) like nothing else in this world. I'm so fortunate to have such wonderful little men and women in my life. If only they knew how much they teach me about the world. I like listening to what they have to say and how they view things.

Out of all of them, I worry about the most about my little sister. We may not share the same blood (technically she's a godsister) but that doesn't matter. I introduce her as my sister and I treat her as such. She called me last night to tell me about school and other stuff. As we conversed, I noticed a change in her demeanor. I ask her what's wrong and she tells me that she is worried about my pops. My pops had a very minor surgical procedure done last week. He's fine and recovering quite nicely.

Little sis was 8 years old when my mother died. Old enough to remember fond memories and old enough to remember what happened. Without bashing or judging, I will say that her biological family leaves a lot to be desired. I shudder to think where my little sis would be without us. At 11 years old, she has seen and heard things that a child shouldn't be exposed to. She's one of the strongest people I know. I am always praying that God keeps her protected and that he wraps her in His arms.

Sorry to get off track. Basically little sis tells me that she's scared of losing my pops. I cannot predict the future, but I did my best to assure her that she will never be alone. I never fully understood how much my mother meant to her until last night. She was just recalling some of the things that she and my mother did together. I guess the happy memories overshadowed the moment of sadness she experienced.

I got off the phone thinking about how I felt at 25 when she died. How lost and confused and hurt I felt. Feeling like I had been robbed of so many years with her. I cannot fathom the thought of losing her before I became a teenager. My thoughts soon went to admiration.....little sis is a trooper. She is proud to call me sister and I'm inspired by her strength. Peace.

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