Thursday, January 28, 2010

Underrated Cuties - Cougar Edition

My blog tends to run a little more on the serious side. On occasions, I let my hair down and have a little fun with it. This blog is a dedication to women who I think are sexy in their own right who seem to fly under the radar. This edition is for the cougars (40 +).....*growls*. Let's go!

Theresa Randle: I'm 92% certain those are contacts, but it's all good. She first got my radar from her role in Bad Boys. She has that "Around the Way" girl look. Probably wouldn't spot her out in a crowd if she wasn't famous, but most definitely a cutie. She has a beautiful smile and I love chicks with high cheekbones. I have forgiven her for that debacle Girl 6.

Wendy Raquel Robinson: She caught my eye playing the uppity wanna be down Principal on The Steve Harvey Show (what an original title!). Something about a sassy woman who knows which fork to use at dinner time does something to me. She's a little slim for my usual liking, but she rocks what she has well.

Lynn Whitfield: Such a classy beauty who has aged oh so gracefully. I know she's old enough to be my mother (actually born the same year as my mom), but this lady is stunning. Even when she was playing a nutcase, she still had that regal aura about her. I love a sophisticated woman and she just oozes this. More than likely, she sits at home drinking steele reserve whilst scratching her balls, but on camera she comes off mad classy.

Sheryl Crow: Now I know some of you are scratching your head. First, you're gonna say "she's not underrated!". In our community I have not heard many people clamoring over this woman, so yeah she is underrated. Two, you're gonna say......."Sheryl Crow?!?!.....c'mon son!". Yes, I think this lady is a beaut. A woman who has rocked out with both MJs (Micheal Jackson and Mick Jagger) is a keeper in my book.

This is not the definitive list of underrated cougars, but it's a heck of a good start. If any of you ladies are reading this blog.......I've never had a cougar, but I'm always willing to give one a shot. Peace.

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