Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Drowning in a Puddle

I don't like "deep" faux all! It's something about an incense burning, headwrap wearing, anti-establishment, def poetry jamming, pseudo intellectual. I know the description I gave is hella stereotypical, but it was needed to drive this point home.

I read blogs and message board postings of people like this and I can only facepalm. Dude, you're not nearly as deep as you think you are. To be funky, B, it sounds plain silly. Wrapping asinine ideas in a myriad of metaphors, big words, and psycho babble is what it boils down to. Not saying these types aren't smart, but the package makes it all wrong.

Thanks to the interwebs, anyone can be a genius. I can look up a word, factoid, quote, etc to make myself appear to be some supernatural scholarly type. I'm not impressed by the sociopolitical tirades. Their "deepness" is annoying to me. The cosigns of easily impressed people kinda make me wanna hurl. One click to wikipedia and you can say everything they did.

Real intelligence is based on how big of words you use. Intelligence is being able to convey your thoughts and opinions in a coherent manner. Intelligence is being able to use what you know in real life situations. Lastly, intelligence is knowing that no matter how "smart" you think you are....there is someone even smarter. Peace.

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