Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And Critter Makes Two b/w Why Can't We Be Friends

For the last few days, I have been sharing my apartment with someone. They're not paying not a nann bill, but they're not eating anything so I guess that's good. They're been pretty considerate. Not keeping up noise while I try to sleep. Not leaving their draws on the bathroom floor. Sounds like a great visitor eh? WRONG!

A flippin' squirrel has ventured its way into my living room wall. He's just scratching and moving and chillin' and grating at my nerves. Maintenance has tried putting out moth balls in hopes of running it off...yeah that didn't work. I want the thing out of my wall....post haste! I don't want the lil fella to die in my wall and stink up the joint. I also don't want him to give himself the chair and knock out the power to my building. I'm usually cool with nature but only when it stays in nature.

Sunday I went shopping at the mall with a friend of mine. As we were getting ready to leave a certain store, I'll call it Stromnords (to protect the innocent yanno), an overzealous shoe salesman hands me his card and tells me that he also does surprises. He was under the impression that my friend and I are a couple. I guess I'll go a step further and call it an assumption.

If a man and a woman go into a store together, even if they keep a moderate distance, they're probably pegged as being together. More and more I see that goes for femme/straight women and tomboys/less femme women. I don't think anything about our (my friend and me) interaction screamed "COUPLE!". I wasn't lingering near her or anything. This was purely based on the fact that she was rocking tights and boots hanging out with a chick in a sweater and some Topsiders.

I'm used to waiters bringing me the check. I've had salesman tell me that my ladyfriend is cute. I've gotten plenty of side-eyes from dudes in Footlocker while my friends wait for me to look at sneaks. It's like second nature to me. I pay it no mind. Just roll with it. The friend in this blog is a beautiful woman, no arguing that. What if the dude of her dreams had been walking by and heard that exchange with the shoe salesman? Why she gotta be branded as gay because we hang out? If you don't know, don't assume, just let it be. Peace.

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