Friday, November 13, 2009

Freestyle Friday

* Yesterday I had the privilege of seeing a man walk up to a drive thru window. Clearly he didn't give a flip so why should I? What made it even cooler is that he was choppin it up with the cashier like it was nothing. I appreciate that kind of arrogance.

* Back when I dated dudes, I loved the dirty boho types. The greasier the better. Seems as if that affinity did not translate to women. Dirty boho chicks are cool if you're looking to discuss today's mathematics or need your locs retwisted. *shrugs*

* Wale's Pretty Girls is quickly becoming one of my favorite songs. I am able to look past Gucci mane and really enjoy this song. Very go-go influenced. I doubt that I would ever hear that song in a club here.

* The reason why folks making a stink over this health care thing is exclusivity. Wellington Bartholomew III does not want to be in a waiting room with Tamika from the hood. It's just that simple. Oh yeah, I think that abortions should be included in the plan. We don't want black market abortions taking over.

* I feel some kinda way about TruTV's Bait Car show. I'm sure there is enough real crime to solve in LA without having to manufacture it. Leaving an unlocked Escalade with the keys inside parked in the hood is asking for it. Message to hood unlocked Escalade with the keys inside parked in the hood......c'mon son!

* Whilst I'm not too liberal, I really enjoy reading the Huffington Post. It's a great site with a bunch of different sections to get the brain to working. It also has a comedy section to if you want a quick laugh.

* It's looking like another losing season for the Knicks. Can't say that I'm surprised. I think I've grown numb to the pain now. I would try to sell the tix I bought for the January game but I'm sure they've depreciated in value by now. I'd be lucky to recoup $15 and a scratched Blondie Christmas cd.

* What does it mean when a person stays liking people that are unavailable and/or unattainable? Ambitious or audacious? You be the judge.

There's plenty more on my mind, but I just decided to leave it at that. Peace.

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