Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Spring

When I woke up that morning, I didn't think that you would be gone. I kinda knew that it wouldn't be long, but I didn't think it would be that day. I thought you'd tough it through until the next day. Now, I realize that you were just squaring things away.

No matter how hard I squeezed you, my warm embrace couldn't make you stay. No matter how I almost drowned in my tears, I'm sure you cried even more. You dried your eyes and let go. You didn't give knew that you did what you needed to do here. I accepted you free and still do to this day.

You knew that all the prayers you prayed will be answered so there was no need to stick around and suffer. You get your rest. You earned it. You were always so wise. I pray that the gift of wisdom is bestowed upon me like it was with you.

Mommy, I can't say that I don't miss you. There are times where I just want to hold you and not let go. I can say that I don't have any regrets. I gave you flowers while you were living. I told you how much you meant to me while you could still hear me. I told you jokes while you could still laugh.

Today, I celebrate your life, not mourn your death. I love you always even until the end of time. Go ahead and rest.....I'll hold it down here. Peace.

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