Friday, March 26, 2010

Freestyle Friday: Out Like a Lion Edition

* Yesterday was not as rough as previous years. It still hurts, but I actually got through the day without a total breakdown.

* I had been on pins and needles waiting on an answer but after praying and talking with my sister and friends, I'm good. No matter what happens, I know God will bless me with the right opportunity. Gots to chill. I am hella stoked about this opportunity, so I guess it's more excitement than nervousness.

* I have been slippin' so tough on my mixes. I am going to do one this weekend....even if it's Sunday night before bed. I'm thinking either a Mariah Carey or a 70s mix. Leaning more towards the latter.

* I have some great toys already picked out when bullet point #2 comes through. Saw some dope decks online. Thinking about trying out Serato. I love Virtual DJ but if you want to be a great dj, you have to know more than one system.

* I got a good life.....for real. Even as I think about all the failures, disappointments, shortcomings, and all, life is really good. I think back on where I'm from to where I am and all I can do is smile and thank God and my parents.

* I guess I'm going to have to do a blog about "studs" not wanting to dress up for jobs/interviews. Yesterday, for the second time this week, I had a conversation about this topic. I'm not a stud by no means, but maybe I should put my .02 on it.

* It's been really really slow on the romantic front. I would like to go on some dates with an amazing woman. As with everything else, I remain patient because I don't want to the wrong person in my life. I've seen people struggle with awful relationships....I'm good off that.

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