Friday, October 1, 2010

Freestyle Friday: Fall Cooldown Edition

* Today kicks off Breast Cancer Awareness month. After losing my mother to this terrible disease, I try to take any and every opportunity to support survivors and others affected. I urge you to donate time, money, prayer, whatever you can to this cause. I pray for the day that all cancers are eradicated from this earth.

* I cannot believe it is already October.....#goodness. This month is skirting right on along, but it's all good. Any day above ground is all good with me.

* If only folk on twitter used their power for good. I saw a TT yesterday called #eddielongshairpiece.....I almost lost it. Whether Long did it or not, there is some church somewhere that is dealing with this. The black church has to do better about ministering to gay folk. "Love the sinner, hate the sin" is played out. Time for some real open dialogue.

* C and I have been talking a little more recently. I'm making sure that I keep my eyes completely open. Guarded optimism is the plan and I'm sticking to it. She has been quite human the last few times we've communicated. I don't know if she's turned a corner or is just peeking around it.

* Still no luck on that date I want to go on. It may would help if I get out more, but at the moment that gets the gas face. In due time, that will all work out for me.

* Working out is awesome. I finally have a good routine and it's working for me. The hardest part of starting a work out is starting working out. Once you get going, you're gonna like it and you will want to keep going. I will catch me a ball player by next summer. #smirks


Foxy Brown said...

i wish people knew how hurtful and inherently homophobic 'love the sinner, hate the sin' philosophy really is.

LaconicIcon said...

It's very hurtful. It basically says your existence is all wrong but we're gonna love your messed up self anyway. Miss me with that. Listening to rap music and watching porn are my sins, not liking women.