Monday, October 11, 2010

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

By no means am I a veteran in the djing game. I've been djing for around a year or so and just recently started gigging. I love djing a lot. For someone like me who has never been much of a dancer or a big club socializer, it's perfect. I get all the benefits of being out and about without all the hassle that comes along with I thought.

I read a lot of djing message boards just mainly to keep up with the new toys that are coming out and to get some great tips and tricks. There's always a thread about DJ pet peeves. I used to think that a lot of these folk were just being whiny......WRONG. It's real in the field. Now allow me to give my list of DJ pet peeves.

1. Excessive requests - Hey I don't mind you requesting a song. I mind you basically pulling out your own personal playlist. I mind even more when your list is wacksauce. Then you have the audacity to tell me to play your song right in the middle of the current one. I'm sorry my dude but I'm not gonna throw in Ambitionz Az a Ridah right in the middle of Like a Real Freak.

2. The I used to dj back in '83 guy/girl - I respect the architects of this art. I know that djing has come a long way. I remember kats having to lug crates of vinyl around. I remember kats having to drag several cd wallets around. It's a new day and I'm glad for it. Technology should be embraced. So don't act all brand new around my set up. For you people I just want to tell you what else has been invented: fire, tampons, and the forward pass in football.

3. The I want to start djing guy/girl - I am far from a professional dj. I have a lot of stuff that I need to perfect and work on. I have no problem telling you tips and tricks that I know or recommending some material to read. However, you cannot sit at my feet and wait for me to give you the meaning of djing life.

4. The I just wanna linger around guy/girl - I don't mind you stopping by the table to say what up, make a request, or what have you. I do mind you all over my shoulder, all over my setup, all over me. Move around a little bit.

It wouldn't be fair to just rag on what I don't like about gigging, so lemme run down some stuff I do like.

1. Pretty girls who wanna make requests - Hell yeah I'll put on your song. First tell me your name and later give me your number.

2. Pretty girls who dance all sexy near the booth after I play their song - Hell yeah, I love to see your sexy self grinding and gyrating and giving me that look.

3. Seeing that too cool kat or chick nodding to the music - I see you feeling it homie. Glad you digging the tunes I got going.

4. The love - I love the love that people give me. I feed off of that. It's so satisfying when a person comes up to you during a set and say "man, you're spinning that real shiz" or "I like that". Makes me feel good. It's even better when the crowd is clearing out, you're packing up, and folks stop by before they leave out. Telling you how good of a time they had. Love it, mane.

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