Monday, October 18, 2010

It's Cheaper to Keep Her

The other day I was reading that Morgan Freeman's ex wife is supposedly getting $400 million in the divorce. This astronomical figure coming on the heels of Elin Woods making off with a grip of Tiger's change. Famous and not so famous ex wives are getting cheddared up at a remarkable clip. But is it fair?

I'm sure a lot of you all are saying well life isn't fair, but c'mon let's be realistic about this. Morgan has been busting his arse for the last at least 30 years (first film credit I saw on Wiki was from 1980). However, I'm sure if we count the plays, commercials, voice-overs, etc....duke has put in mad work. Not sure what his ex-wife's occupation is but I doubt she has been on set for months at a time, doing promos, etc. So why is she entitled to $400 million of his duckets?

I've said it before and I'll say it again: if you're wealthy, marriage isn't really a sound business to invest in. There's far more for you to lose than the other party. Then there's whole other issue of not being able to keep it in your pants. If you know you were barely being faithful before, getting married is only gonna push you over the edge. I know women who specialize in only dating married guys.

Marriage is a recipe for disaster for some folk. I can't fathom the thought of surrendering half my assets for a piece of tail. I can only imagine the horror a dude feels when the judge says "she's getting half". Watching his ex-wife do the dougie in the courtroom. OJ was wrong but.....anywho. The moral of my story is that marriage should not be taken lightly especially when big dough is at stake. Choose wisely and always get that prenup.......Peace.

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K. said...

Eh. I guess you gotta take it on an individual basis. A lot of these dudes (and their kids) wouldn't be shit without their wives' support and input. Well, at least their first wife's support and input, anyway...