Friday, February 26, 2010

Freestyle Friday: The Close of Chapter 27 Edition

This time next Friday, I'll be another year older. I hope that I am another year wiser. And another year better. However, the premise of this entry is the same......whatever is on my dome. Let's go!

* This will be my 3rd birthday without my mother. I miss her so much. I teared up the other day because I thought about how at this time 28 years ago, she was waddling around getting ready to have me. I thought about the joy and excitement she felt preparing to deliver her baby girl. I have had a couple dreams with her in them and that's given me a little solace.

* It is shaping up to be the first birthday in a while that C won't be around to celebrate with me. I'm about 98% certain this will be the first time. I feel some kinda way about it, but I won't let her whateverness overshadow my blessed born day.

* I had been in a quasifunk, as I usually am right before my birthday. I feel like I'm further away from where I thought I'd be at 28 than ever. I shouldn't, but I compare my life now to the plans I had for myself at 28. I know it's God's Will and not mine. I have to be still and let him guide me.

* I don't know whether it's lucky or pathetic, but I've managed to go this long without ever having a girlfriend. I've had chicks I've kicked it with or whatevered with. None of them were ever bestowed the title of being my girlfriend. I'm sure by 28, the average lezzie has had at least 7 girlfriends. Good thing I'm not a lezzie or average.

* I have no clue where I will celebrate in Houston. I don't really make a big stink about my birthday. As the old folks say, I'm just happy to be in the service one more time. I figure somewhere chill and have a couple drinks or maybe a pretty cool restaurant. Raise a glass and toast to another year.

Closing thought: My 27th year of living had its share of ups and downs. Things that I thought never would happen did happen. As much as I hurt over that year, I felt like I made major strides and I grew a lot. Everything that happened helped me realize the important things in family and my true friends. I'm praying and believing for prosperity and peace for 28 and beyond.

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