Monday, February 22, 2010

Take It Off the 45 and Put It On the 33

It's been well documented throughout both the gay and straight communities how fast lezzie relationships go. I can't sit up here and say "that will never ever ever ever ever be me". However, I have always prayed that I do not fall victim to that typical type behavior.
Keeping it funky disclaimer: I let a friend/kinda friend stay with me for a spell while she stacked her paper up, but it wasn't on a "I think we oughtta move in together" tip.

Yesterday I found out that C's girlfriend is moving in with her. I kinda chuckled to myself because that's so typical of not just lesbians, but of C. The whole "well her lease is up, so she's just gonna move in" steez. I'm not tight about it or anything. I figured it would come sooner but I guess 4 months isn't too long.

I stopped to think about it for it a minute and I noticed that every lezzie homie I have lives with their chick. Now some have been together for a long time, some are married, and some have been together about as long as John stayed in the army. Some are actually having a great time, some are staying because they cannot afford to go anywhere else, and some are still in that honeymoon phase.

I have straight homies who have never shacked with a man. A friend of mine had been with her dude for 5 years and it was only when he proposed that they finally moved in together. Another friend had a child by a dude and they never moved in together. So what is it that makes a woman so comfortable letting another woman in her home so quickly? Is it because lezzies can't get married (in most places) they feel that is the closest thing to marriage? Is it because a good deal of lezzies are insecure? Are they broke? What is it?

Don't give that "oh we'll save so much money" stuff. Praises due to God, I am living comfortably on my own. "My lease is up"...okay I'll be more than happy to help you find a new place. "I got to know what I'm getting myself into", I don't have a problem with you staying over here and there. You can find out that I snore, have a favorite cup, and sometime fall asleep on the couch in those days. If you actually took the time to know me, you won't have to move in to find that stuff out.

Not wanting to shack up has "lost" me my fair share of women. I tell them up front that I'm not staying with any woman that I am not married or related to. Call me what you want, but that is one thing that I will not compromise on. Like I said, you can't say what you want do, but you can say what you pray that you can stay firm if you're put in that situation. Peace.


Karen said...

A close friend of mine advised me not to move in wit Mine too fast when I first started dating her.. I guess dat advise sorta stuck..we have been together for almost a year now and thou we have discussed it I am happy we have not moved in together. I'm one of those that enjoys being alone..and I don't know how i'd cope wit having an other person ard me all d time.

LaconicIcon said...

Very wise of you two. I don't know where lesbians got you cannot have a successful relationship without staying together. I wish you and your girlfriend the best.