Friday, February 5, 2010

Freestyle Friday Episode 9473150

You know the drill, off the top without preservatives or artificial flavors. Go!

* I've been bumping K-Os' "I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman" heavy the last few weeks. "I've been on the run, this shadow weighs a ton"...It does make sense to me now.......I couldn't make you love me. Too bad I wasted so much time trying to do so.

* This fast has gone exceptionally well. No hunger headaches or growling stomach. I pray that my fast offering is pleasing to God and He hears my humble cries.

* Upper Playground is FINALLY getting my shirt out to me. What did you think would happen if you sell shirts for 50% off?!! You knew you'd be swamped. Next time, plan better.

* The critter is my previous blog ended up being critters. A couple baby squirrels were keeping up all that racket. Good news is that I'll probably paint my living room a different color.

* I think this wave of frustration is finally over. Not a moment too soon, I was probably about 33 minutes away from humping someone's leg.

* I really like how my relationship with my oldest sister has evolved. We had some shaky moments, but I really believe that she respects my life (including my sexuality) and she may be close to actually being quasi-cool with it.

* I feel some kinda way about the 39th floor. Heights and I have never been ALL! However, God is the same God on the ground as He is in the sky. This is a heck of an opportunity and I won't let an elevator stay in my way.

* I'm amazed at how some of my lovely, beautiful, educated, etc friends are single as the days are long. Dudes really should step their game up or they can always come to the dark side. *laughs maniacally*

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