Wednesday, December 2, 2009

You're In What?

A homie of mine has been dating this chick for about a week now. In this short 7 day span, I love you has already been said. I scratched my head completely dumbfounded. A lot of things can be accomplished in 7 days (the Earth for one even though technically God handled that in 6), but falling in love? Miss me with that one.

By no means am I hating, if she likes it I love it. Conventional wisdom tells us that it not possible to have that strong of feelings for someone that we haven't known long. Is conventional wisdom right? Is there a certain amount of time that has to pass in order for love to be "valid"? People lie and misrepresent themselves all day long. I'm sure somewhere there a woman who just found out her dude has a family on the side and he used to be a woman.

Personally, I just don't see it happening. I don't care how much time you spend in those 168's just not plausible. You may love being around that person but I highly doubt you love that person. What is it with lezzies that make them fall so hard so fast? Quite a few times I've been told I move slow. Damn right. If you can't get with it, then kick rocks. Too many chicks out there running on pure emotion. No logic. No foundation. No understanding of themselves or the person they're with.

Love can be a drug to some. You ever wonder how an addict stays addicted? They chase that initial high. They want that feeling again. They smoke, snort, inject, pop, thinking they're gonna feel what they felt that first time. That's what I think some of these chicks do. They chase that feeling of euphoria. They always want to feel those butterflies and fireworks. And the minute they don't feel those things to the next drug. I'm not saying that in a healthy relationship you don't light up at the sight of your mate or you can't hear music everytime they kiss you.

I used to wonder sometimes why my friends kept a chick. I saw them date woman after woman. They didn't have to spit any game. Seemed like a woman would just fall in their laps. I would call and they wouldn't answer or would be distracted waiting on their girl to call. I would hear about wonderful dates and spooning and all that other stuff. A friend of mine told me it was because they are/date average chicks. Doesn't take much to land an average chick. They come. They go. Bad apples fall. Good apples have to be picked. Peace.

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