Monday, December 21, 2009

WTF Chronicles Volume 2: It's Like That?

For the last few weeks or so, my homie has been dating this chick. In typical lezzie fashion, they are head over heels in love. She brought the chick over to my house a couple weeks ago so that I could meet her. I thought the chick was nice and cool, that's it. We all sat around and chit chatted for a minute. The chick ends up telling me how shocked she is that I'm single and how she should hook me up because someone like me "shouldn't go to waste".

Fast forward to yesterday, my homie asks do I wanna go to out for a late lunch and to the mall with them. Since I was already out in that area for church, I decided that I would go. We're at dinner having a good time. Everything is copacetic from what I can tell. Move on to the mall, everything is still going chill. As we're getting ready to leave the mall, my homie says she wants to go look at some shoes. Her girl is like cool, I'm gonna go sit down. I had already started towards the chairs.

The chick and I are just sitting there. My homie is view browsing the shoes. A few minutes pass and I no longer see the homie. Some more time elapses. The chick calls my homie and the homie says she went to another department and she'll be back in a minute. I decide to ask the chick about a situation that has been going on. 1. to make conversation and 2. because I really wanted another opinion. So we're chit chatting for a while still no return of the homie. The chick is like let's go see if we can find her. We ended up locating my homie but you can tell that the homie's whole demeanor had changed. I kinda shrugged it off because we had been at the mall for a minute, so I figured she may have just been spent.

We finally leave the mall and get my to my homie's spot. I had to go inside to get some stuff I had put in the fridge. Still nothing but silence from the homie. I grab myself and head towards the door. Nothing. Before I open the door I ask her is she cool. She says I'm good. Usually we dap up or something...nothing. I say peace. She's like bye. And that's it.

Let me go on record saying I have no interest in my homie's girlfriend. The chick is nice but that's it. Yeah, I'm hella charming. Not tooting my own's true. Yeah, I've dug on chicks who had mates. It happens. One thing I've never done is go after a homie's girl or even someone by homie may be crushin' on. There's a code and I respect that code.

Why must lezzies be so insecure? Why do they feel so threatened? I'm a heck of a catch, but if you girl says she's into you, until she does something to show you otherwise, why not accept her word? If your homie has never snaked you before, why would you think she would start now? I just don't get it. I guess it's like that. *shrugs* Peace.

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