Monday, December 28, 2009

I Am Ignorance's Enemy

Last night I was invited by my homie to come out to a sports bar. I really didn't feel like going but my homie told me that her girlfriend's friend was gonna be there. I finally agreed to go after my homie tells me that she wants someone there to talk to. Something told me I shoulda just stayed at home.

I arrive at the spot, hop out my car, and hear "you cannot park here". Some buff African dude is telling me I can't park. Mind you I had been to church earlier and quicker than I can say amen I'm heated. I'm like dude you saw me sitting in my car for like 5 minutes then you saw me get out of my car and head towards the sports bar. Did it not occur to you to stop me before I got that far? We go back and forth for a minute and finally I'm like dude you're a tool and move my car.

I finally get parked and get inside. I spot my homie, her gal, and what appeared to be a dude. I get upclose to the table and to my chagrin it was a chick with an eyebrow piercing *welcome back 1999*(going forward we'll call her B), not a dude. I give my homie and her gal a hug and go to shake the chicks hand to introduce myself. *smack* I'm thinking to myself "hell naw". We're all sitting around chillin' watching the game. Now I love sports. I'd probably punt a puppy if it meant the Knicks winning a 'ship. I don't get ignant with it. B is all loud, running around screaming, just showing out. *facepalm*

She finally calms down a little bit. She's going on and on about how she has to drop this chick and how this other chick isn't acting right. Blah blah blah. I do alright for myself when it comes to the ladies so no hating here. However, I just felt like it was excessive. You could tell B frequents this spot because she was all over this one waitress. The waitress was mad surprise there considering how B has been acting all night. They order their food and I opt for a beer since I had already eaten. Food comes out and waitress informs us that she is closing us out because it's time for her to get off.

We pay our respective tabs and continue watching the game and chillin. By now, I'm side-eying everything B is saying. I occupy my time by tweeting ( Everyone has finished eating and put their plates to the side. All night I saw barbacks/bus boys clearing off tables so it would only be a matter of time before they made it to our table. B has something against our new waitress so every time the chick passed by all you hear is "ay baby/boo come get these plates" or she would pick up the plates and push them towards the waitress. *facepalm again*

I whisper to my homie that I am out. I couldn't take a minute more of this chick and I'm inches away from telling her about herself. I'm not saying all studs are ignorant, that's not my point. However, this one was and it gave me another episode to reference back upon. I just hate how these studs feel like they have to be so extra. So many of them are warped caricatures of dudes. I loathe that because of how I dress I get lumped into that label. Meh. Peace.

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