Monday, December 14, 2009

The WTF Chronicles Volume 1

Personally, I think my life is pretty dull. I work. I hang out. I relax. Seems pretty routine right? After talking with my homie, I've come to realize that my life isn't as dull as I would like it to be. She tossed around an idea for a series of blogs. So here it first installment of the WTF Chronicles.

Let's start with a backstory so that this episode will make sense. People who know me in real life already are in the loop about this; however, I have readers who only know me as words. The uber condensed version. Girl meets girl. Girl becomes best friends with girl. Girl becomes more than friends with girl. Girl finds out girl wants to be friends again. Girl tries to be friends with girl. Girl ends up being girl's "girlfriend". Girl gets the boot from girl. You following? LOL.

Last week I get an email from, umm let's call her C. C and I haven't spoken in months. C's purpose for emailing me is that her parents want my mailing address. That's cool. I reply with a simple I hope all is well and my address. Nothing extra. Back in the day I woulda gotten my Keith Sweat on and begged her until the sun went down and came back up again. Thank God for deliverance. I'm thinking that's it, mission accomplished until yesterday when the phone rang.

I kinda sorta recognized the phone number. Lo and behold, it's C's mother. We chat it up for a minute and exchange pleasantries. "I was calling to get your address. I want to send you a Christmas card". I guffaw to myself because C claimed her parents wanted my address. If I give you my address in an email, you can A. forward the email or 2. tell it to your mom when you talk to her. I gladly oblige thinking that would end the convo. I like C's mom, really like her and I feel the feeling is mutual. She goes on about how she hates I didn't get a chance to visit her during Thanksgiving. She tells me how she's been asking C about me and asking why doesn't she ever hear me in the background when she talks to C.

By now I'm starting to get uncomfortable because I don't want to lie to her. She goes on to tell me about stuff that I have no clue how C would know unless she's been pumping her bro for information. Again, I guffaw. Finally, I tell her that C and I don't really talk because we had a differing of opinions that led to a disagreement. C's mom is kinda taken aback by what I said. She tells me how much she hates that and how stubborn C can be. I find out that C's mom isn't fond of her new "friend"; she even had trouble remembering the girls name. Again, I guffawed.

She lets me know how I can always call her or when in town I can come and stay as long as I like. She also tells me that she knows C will come around and we can be cool again. For a woman who is far from joining PFLAG, I felt that if C would sack up and come out to her mother, C's life would be better for it. However, that is a journey that C must embark on when she is ready.

The mom goes on to tell me she loves me and to keep in touch. I got off the phone feeling like that ex that your mom likes so much but you don't feel the same way. The woman was clearly hurt about this whole situation. It makes me want to try harder to reach out to C, but I won't. I've done all I can to get through to C. At this point, any reconciliation will require effort on her part.......not mine.

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