Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Great Ghey Witch Hunt

Compared to other places in the world, American gheys have it pretty easy. They bellyache about not being able to get married. However, for the most part you can practice your homosexuality without being trifled with. Not the case in some countries, especially certain African and Middle Eastern ones.

Not sure if you have been keeping up with what's going on in Uganda. Just in case you haven't, I'll breeze over it really quickly. The Ugandan parliament has a bill on the table that impose the death penalty for "active" homosexuals who have HIV. Also, friends and family of gays could be imprisoned for not reporting their gay friends/family to authorities. Heck, you don't even have to be friends with a gay person. They find out you rented an apartment to a gay......Go To Jail Do Not Collect $200.

I like how the bill is supposed to be a HIV/AIDS bill, but all the quotes are about gays. We all know about teh turrible gheys here in the US that want nothing more than to recruit young children into their lifestyle. I think they're opening a Gay Recruitment center right next to the Army Recruitment Center, Starbucks, and the Adult Video store. The Ugandan government may as well just come out(no pun intended) with the truth and say "hey, we wanna kill anyone who is gay.....especially males". Don't put it under the guise of you're trying to protect the public.

This is wrong on so many levels. Let's just take out the whole yanno Human Rights issue for a second. You can prove someone has HIV with scientific tests....How can you prove someone is gay without visual/audio evidence? You could ask me am I gay but all I have to do is say no. Are they gonna have a panel of gay experts and/or "ex-homosexuals" to judge you? I can see the panel now "so umm Mr. do you feel about Beyonce, Janet Jackson, and Cher?" C'mon really?

If this bill passes, I can see it eventually turning out like the Salem Witch Hunts. We all know how good that went right? I can see Ugandan police being tied up with countless of claims of homosexuality. A woman side eyes you at the market? Call the cops up and tell them she has a picture of Ellen on her wall. Watch as the woman is dragged from her home and humiliated. The guy at the bus stop didn't apologize for stepping on your foot. Call up the laws and say you saw a man enjoying a banana a little too much. That will fix him.

I find it funny (faux paux not haha) that a country that has other problems to deal with is wasting so much time, MONEY, and energy on such a a bill. I like how homosexuality is one of the biggest political distractions. "Oh noes! The economy is in the tank! What do we do? I know. Let's pick on the gheys and get everyone riled up and not thinking about our REAL problems!" I really wish people would smarten up and realize this trick when they see it. Peace.

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