Thursday, August 12, 2010

Too Much of Anything Can Harm You

Everyday, I read the Huffington Post. I'm not much of a liberal but I find their stories and blogs interesting in their own right. Whilst reading this morning I came across this story and it kinda got to me. It really made me do some thinking about the direction this country is heading.

First off, allow me to thank God for blessing me to not have experience that. I may not live in the lap of luxury (right now), but I got a good roof over my head. Very grateful that I do not have to stand in line for just the opportunity to be put on a list to get subsidized housing.

Who's to blame in all of this? Liberals say the conservatives, conservatives say the liberals. I have gripes with both conservatives (read: Repubs) and liberals (read:Dems). I think they both cause harm in their own special ways. Conservatives make it hard on the middle class and the poor (gonna break it down by class instead of race) by taxing the heck out of them, cutting funding for programs, basically shooting down anything that does not promote "pulling yourself up by your bootstraps".

Don't start kee-keeing yet, liberals. Ya'll are just as bad. This culture of coddling that you guys have fostered can be sickening. Being too easy on someone is just as bad as being too hard on them. Sure, we'll give you daycare vouchers for your kids, assistance to enroll in vocational programs, discounted housing that is sometimes better than what working middle class is living in. You just keep living below this poverty line and all of this is yours. Liberal coddling helps keep the cycle of hopelessness going.

There are a lot of "working poor" people out there. They really don't make any money but they make "too much" to qualify for those previously mentioned programs. That system does not encourage people to even attempt to pull themselves up. I have no problems with hand-ups. A hand-up pulls you off the ground, gets you standing up, and may even help dust you off. A hand-out teaches you how to relinquish any kind of independence. Once that hand stops're out of luck.

To all the hardworking people who are going through, stay up. To all the non-hardworking people, get up. Peace.

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AquariusSoul said...

good post..U know I'm not on that liberal train either, so I dig where you are coming from. It would be so awesome if the poor and the middle class aimed as high as they could to change their state (if thats what they want to do) Libs just continue the cycle of dependency that has caused many to be stagnant...ok, let me hursh! Good blog though