Friday, August 20, 2010

Freestyle Friday: The No Catchy Title Edition

* I really do miss my car. I'm very thankful for a great warranty that hooks me up with a rental whilst I wait. God is truly good.

* I weighed myself the other day. I've lost 10lbs which is less than expected. I was feeling some kinda way about it until my trainer (read: my brother) told me I was doing very well. So I'm more determined than ever. Gotta catch me a baller......LOL.

* My little sis wants to come live with me. Surprisingly, I didn't tell her heck no. I'm actually considering it. I want to wait to see how my financial situations are looking before I say yes or no. I'm doing some serious praying about it. I think it would be a good idea to get her away from the WHA. Nothing for teens to get into but trouble and draws there.

* I am having the worst time finding a decent flight. I may bite the bullet and ask my homie about a buddy pass. However, I know she has folk hitting her up all the time just to get passes, not trying to be like them. Perhaps I'll offer her half of what the fare is going for online. She gets to line her pocket and I get to fly at a discounted rate. Everybody wins!

* I'm hella stoked about this gig I got coming up next month. I'd be a lie if I said I wasn't nervous as all get out. I know that I have to be confident and just go do my thing. I know it's gonna be awesome. Plus I should get plenty of action......chicks dig DJs.

* I got a good life and I'm mad appreciative about it. Yesterday, I heard the chick behind me announce that she only has $43 in her checking account. I'm glad I had on my headphones so she wouldn't have asked me to comment on that. I'm not ballin' out of control (yet) but I'm not hurtin' either. Thanks once again, God.

* Polo time!! I haven't treated myself to any new Polos in at least a month and a half. Time to go cop some new ones. Hope they have some good colors out right now. #yayme

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